Unlock all four different mounts Minecraft Legends allows players to see everything the game offers. Players can obtain four unique mounts during their travels, which, once acquired, can be used to explore the map in different ways. Each mount has different abilities that can help a player climb, fly, or dash across the map. Other mounts can also come in handy when teaming up with friends in co-op.

The map is divided into nine biomes; Each mount can only be found in certain areas. The mounts will appear as a question mark and compass when players get close enough to their location on the map. Question marks aren’t necessarily mounts, as they can also be towers or the powerful Golem Firsts Minecraft Legends. As players discover a new mount, they appear in packs, and all players have to do to unlock each one is go to them and select the “Swap Mounts” option. Once players have done this, the mounts will appear more frequently in their designated biomes.

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How to get the mount

Minecraft Legends horse shot in game

Players start with one horse as their default mount, but the other three must be discovered during Hero’s Journeys before they can be used. Therefore, the horses that players start with will stay with them until they find one of the other mounts.

Although the horse is the default player mount, it is good enough to master through most Minecraft Legends. The horse is the best all-around option and the second fastest of all mounts. However, some areas of Minecraft Legends will be more difficult or almost impossible to access until the change is made from the horse.

How to get the Brilliant Beetle mount

Minecraft Legends Brilliant Beetle locations on a map

The Brilliant Beetle is the slowest mount available to players Minecraft Legends. However, it has many strengths and is best suited for climbing rock faces and mountains. It is also fast when navigating over any water and can fly for short bursts. While mounts are most useful for traversing the map, they can also make a difference in combat, with the Brilliant Beetle being the most effective. With its climbing abilities, the Beetle can climb over enemy walls when attacking Piglin bases, meaning players should prioritize finding it as early as possible Minecraft Legends.

The Brilliant Beetle can be found in the Jungle and forest biomes, with large numbers in nests. If players are having trouble finding them near a question mark, they should defeat any nearby enemies, which will allow the bugs to return to the area.

How to get Big Beak Mount

Minecraft Legends Big Beak locations on a map

For players who want to take to the skies The big beak is the best option. While the Beetle can briefly glide, the Big Beak can fly for as long as players desire. It can also double jump, which can reach areas that other mounts cannot. This is especially useful for scaling mountains and infiltrating bases during combat, allowing players to attack from different angles. Big Beak can be found on the floor in Jagged peaks and swamp biomes In Minecraft Legends.

How to get the Royal Tiger mount

Royal Tiger Minecraft Legends location on a map

Of the four mounts, it is the fastest to traverse the great overworld Minecraft Legends is the Royal Tiger, but that comes at the expense of his inability to climb. While the horse is fast, the Royal Tiger allows players to move from one side of the map to the other in a matter of minutes, which can help quickly gather resources like Prismarine Minecraft Legends.

While the Brilliant Beetle and Big Beak can be useful in combat, the Regal Tiger struggles to make an impact and the other two should be picked especially towards the end Minecraft Legends. However, when in trouble, the Royal Tiger can use its speed to get players to safety. The Royal Tiger can be found in caves usually occupied by three of the mounts. The Royal Tiger can be found in the Dry Savannah and Badlands biomes.

Mounts are an essential part of Minecraft Legends, with players traveling on one throughout their journey. Each of the three unlockable mounts has powers that players must use to see everything Minecraft Legends has to offer, so unlocking them as soon as possible should be a priority.

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