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How to survive high school in The Sims 4 High School Years

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  • Copperdale High: Your School Day
  • Socializing: Apps and activities

in the The Sims 4 High school years, all work and no play, make you a boring Sim. Part of the fun of experiencing high school with your Sims is balancing exam prep, becoming a chief cheerleader, and building a thriving fashion empire—and that all while you are still under your parents’ roof.

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However, there is more to a school than just bombarding the class bully with stink bombs. Whether you’re mustering up the courage to ask your crush out or winning a medal at Football Sports Day, here’s your guide to surviving Copperdale High.

Copperdale High: Your School Day

Pick up those pens and notebooks because class is on.

From 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., your teenage Sims are on their way Copperdale High School for a day of learning and mischief. If you choose to accompany them, you’ll be off the school bus and onto the quad in no time. Welcome to your first day of school!



A normal day consists of some free time in the morning, followed by a morning class. After that, there’s a lunch break that lasts just over two hours – enough time to get in on those late-night homework before you get stuck in your work afternoon class.

Try to take every class you can! Not only will your Sim build valuable skills that they’ll carry into adulthood, but if they’re caught skipping classes, your grades will take a nosedive. In addition, you will surely be hit with a strong slap in the face detention Charge. Good luck explaining that to your coach.

Sometimes you have special activities during school time such as

  • Career day: Professionals come to talk to students about possible jobs. Participating in and completing career day goals will give your Sim a powerful power Optimistic Mood.
  • sports day: On separate days, the cheerleading and football teams host quad activities where you can compete against your peers for medals. Those with higher fitness abilities tend to do best here!
  • fire exercise: In the middle of class, don’t be surprised if a fire truck pulls up outside while students spill out. Participating in fire drills will help your Sim spring into action should fires break out on their property in the future!
  • Exams: On Friday you will take your final exams instead of your afternoon classes. Be careful not to skip this one – it could mean the difference between a pass and a disqualification!
  • Extracurricular activities: Whether you’re a footballer, cheerleader, computer geek, or chess guru, there’s something for everyone in Copperdale’s comprehensive after-school list.

going to the prom

At the end of each week (unless it coincides with a holiday, for those of us with the Seasons expansion pack) your Sim will have a chance to participate prom with her crush or with a friend.

suggestions and moods

You can craft one offer sign to show off to your crush and invite them to prom in the fancy way when words just won’t cut it. Be warned that while you may feel crushed towards a fellow student, it may not be reciprocated.

Before you confess your undying love, try to figure out her romantic and confusing interests, or you could be left out in the cold. When in doubt, it might be wiser to ask her out as a friend rather than a date.

prom court

If you’re coming to the prom, make sure you cast your prom vote before you grab some punch. A Prom Queen, King or Jester can be chosen So if you want to be crowned in front of the whole school, you have to be relatively popular on campus.

And hey, even if you don’t get picked, there’s still plenty of time to dance the night away—and hit the after party, of course.

skip prom

If streamers and whipped cream aren’t your thing, you can always throw out prom altogether. Choose a sim of your choice and choose that “Promise to Skip Prom Together” Option from the Friendly Interactions menu. This will appear in your partner in crime information panel when you check your relationship status.

When the prom rolls around, be sure to pick that one ‘skip prom’ Option to avoid letting your bestie down.

‘Cause prom is like, So lame.

Socializing: Apps and activities

There’s more to life than nice hair and good grades. If you’re looking to kill time between classes or on the weekends, High School Years offers a variety of killer activities to ensure your Sim never gets bored.

Social Bunny and Trendii

Social Bunny is the social media application that everyone has in The Sims 4. Through them, you can interact with classmates by tagging them in posts or sending them direct messages. Your tone can be flirtatious, friendly or even mean – it all depends on how you want your relationship to develop.

Use trendii to browse and sell hot new outfits bought at the Thrift-Tea thrift store, which also doubles as the Boba Tea Shop. This is a great place to meet up with friends after school and check out the latest trends to find a style that best suits your Sim’s personality.

If you hope your passion for fashion than SimfluencerTo attempt hype your outfits to fashion-forward buddies and gauge their reactions. Positive replies have real-time effects on hot trends, so you never know: your threads could be on everyone’s lips in just a few days!

Fooling around at school

Secure your locker on the first day of school and let the games begin!

Sims with at least level one nonsense can interact with their classmates’ lockers and plant stink bombs to catch their unsuspecting targets off guard. You can even customize your locker to match your aesthetic, from grunge to kawaii and beyond.

Once your Mischief level is high enough, you can spread some evil urban legends on the campus. To mess with your friends, click the Discuss Urban Legend option in the Mischief interaction menu. Be careful though – legends aren’t always as harmless as they seem.

If you see a Sim standing around with their arms outstretched, be sure to ask them what t pose is. They’ll declare it a silly viral trend on Social Bunny, and the next time you see someone performing the T-pose challenge your Sim can join in! What better way to piss off your normie teachers than with an obscure social media joke they’ll never understand?

Hanging out at the fairgrounds

Overlooking Copperdale’s sapphire waters Plumbite Pier, complete with ferris wheel, haunted house and tunnel of love. Gather with friends here and grab an ice cream before strolling down to the riverside hangout – this is now a relaxed weekend.

You can even Sneak out after curfew if you are lucky enough to be invited to a party with your friends. To sneak outside after curfew, make sure you have an open window on the property to sneak out of, or just wait until your people are fast asleep before sneaking out the front door .

Successfully sneaking out grants positive buffs, while getting caught leaves your Sim angry, embarrassed, or just grounded.

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