How to Spell Check in Canva — 3 Clever Ways
How to Spell Check in Canva — 3 Clever Ways from


Canva is a popular graphic design tool used by many professionals and beginners alike. It has an intuitive interface and various design options that make it easy to create stunning designs. However, one common problem that users face is spelling errors. This is where the spell check feature comes in handy. In this article, we will show you how to use the spell check feature on Canva.

Step 1: Open Your Design

First, log in to your Canva account and open the design that you want to check for spelling errors.

Step 2: Click on the Text Box

Click on the text box that you want to spell check. This will highlight the text box.

Step 3: Click on the Spell Check Icon

On the top right corner of the screen, click on the spell check icon. This will open the spell check panel.

Step 4: Check Spelling Errors

The spell check panel will show you all the spelling errors in your text. You can click on each error to see suggested corrections. If the suggested correction is correct, click on the “change” button to change the spelling error.

Step 5: Add Words to Your Dictionary

If you come across a word that is not recognized by Canva’s spell check, you can add it to your dictionary. Simply click on the “add to dictionary” button and the word will be added.

Step 6: Check Grammar

Canva’s spell check also checks for grammar errors. If you see a green underline beneath a word, it means that there is a grammar error. Click on the word to see suggested corrections.

Step 7: Change Language

Canva has a built-in spell check feature for multiple languages. If you want to check spelling errors in a language other than English, click on the “change language” button and select the language you want to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I use Canva’s spell check feature on all the text boxes in my design?

Yes, you can use Canva’s spell check feature on all the text boxes in your design. Simply click on each text box and follow the steps above.

Q2. How do I know if there are spelling errors in my design?

Canva’s spell check feature will automatically detect spelling errors in your design. Simply click on the spell check icon to check for errors.

Q3. Can I add words to my dictionary in bulk?

Unfortunately, you cannot add words to your dictionary in bulk. You will need to add each word individually.

Q4. Can I disable the spell check feature?

No, you cannot disable the spell check feature in Canva. However, you can choose to ignore certain spelling or grammar errors.

Q5. Does Canva’s spell check feature work on mobile?

Yes, Canva’s spell check feature works on both desktop and mobile devices.


Spell check is an important feature in any writing tool, and Canva is no exception. With Canva’s spell check feature, you can easily check for spelling and grammar errors in your designs. Follow the steps above to use the spell check feature on Canva and create error-free designs.

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