How to Shorten Allen Roth Cordless Blinds Shades blinds, Living room
How to Shorten Allen Roth Cordless Blinds Shades blinds, Living room from


Cordless blinds have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their sleek design and ease of use. However, if you’ve purchased a cordless blind from Allen Roth and it doesn’t fit your window perfectly, you may need to shorten it. In this article, we will guide you through the process of shortening your cordless blinds so that they fit your window perfectly.

Step 1: Measure Your Window

Before you get started, you need to measure your window to determine the correct length for your blinds. Using a tape measure, measure the width and height of your window. Be sure to measure both the inside and outside of the window frame, as this will affect the size of your blinds.

Step 2: Remove the Bottom Rail

Once you have your measurements, you can start shortening your blinds. The first step is to remove the bottom rail from your blinds. To do this, gently push up on the rail until it clicks out of place. Be careful not to pull the rail too hard, as this could damage your blinds.

Step 3: Trim the Fabric

With the bottom rail removed, you can now trim the fabric to the correct length. Using sharp scissors, carefully trim the fabric to the desired length. Be sure to cut evenly across the fabric to avoid any unevenness or jagged edges.

Step 4: Reattach the Bottom Rail

Once you have trimmed the fabric, you can reattach the bottom rail to your blinds. To do this, simply slide the rail back into place until it clicks securely into place.

Step 5: Test Your Blinds

With your blinds now shortened, it’s important to test them to ensure they are working correctly. Pull the blinds up and down a few times to make sure they are functioning properly. If you notice any issues, such as the blinds getting stuck or not staying in place, you may need to adjust the tension.

Step 6: Adjust the Tension

To adjust the tension on your cordless blinds, locate the tension screw on the side of the headrail. Using a screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise to increase the tension or counterclockwise to decrease the tension. Test your blinds again to make sure they are working properly.


Shortening your cordless blinds from Allen Roth is a simple process that can be done with just a few tools and some careful measurements. By following these steps, you can ensure that your blinds fit your window perfectly and function correctly. If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact Allen Roth’s customer service team for assistance.

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