Cincinnati returns to the streets Saturday night to open the AAC game against Tulsa. Kick-off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

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The game will be broadcast on ESPNU with radio reception on 700 WLW. Dan Hoard and Jim Kelly on the call.

Chad Brendel

I won’t lie, this one has my brain a little bit like a pretzel. Tulsa has been by far the Bearcats’ most physical opponent in recent UK games, but that was usually behind a power running game and this year they’re throwing it a ton more. Add in a legitimate concern that this team will play clean on the street and you have the recipe for a hard fought battle. I’ll still take Cincinnati until proven otherwise in conference action.

Cincinnati 38 Tulsa 31

Carey Hoffman

So many moving parts in this equation that could determine how this game ends. I think it will be the hardest game for Tulsa to run the ball effectively on UC since the 2019 game when we kept them at 3.1 yards per carry. It will be close enough to not be decided until the fourth quarter.

UC 28, Tulsa 21

Jeff Gentil

Tulsa was a game or two away from beating UC in their last two meetings, both of which took place in Nippert. Now finally unable to avoid the smoke, UC must travel to Tulsa to face the Golden Hurricane. Lots of ifs in this one. Will Davis play Brin? Will Arquon Bush? Will Ryan Montgomery return to start a dormant running UC game? Will 300+ Tulsa fans show up and make life difficult for the visiting Bearcats?

Luke Fickell will have his team ready for anything. Expect Brin to play and Tulsa to pick up some points. But also expect UC to do more. The Bearcats will claim a 34-27 win

Ed Mayhall

Tulsa seems like a nice place to travel at this time of year. The sights, sounds and ambiance sound great! BUT! The Cincinnati Bearcats are about to roll in and destroy everything. Ivan Pace Jr. will burn the house down to the ground! Bearcats exit Tulsa in a puff of smoke with a Win 35 to 14!

Eric Waddell

Tulsa has been waiting a while to bring the Bearcats onto their home field to exact revenge on Cincinnati.

I think this will be a little uncomfortable all evening…. In fact, I think TU will cover the 10 points…but UC will have enough to put them down at the end.

Bearcats win 30-24.

Regan Yoakam

I expect both offenses to put on a show through the air. The Bearcats defense comes up, forcing a late turnover. UC wins with relative comfort 38-23


This game really depends on Davis Brin. While I don’t think there’s a chance he’ll miss this game, I don’t think he’ll go at 100% either. Still, Tulsa Cincinnati have given everything they could handle in recent encounters between the two teams. With the Golden Hurricane holding home field advantage, this will be no exception to the fact that Tulsa has circled this game and is wanting redemption in the recent period when these two teams have been battling each other for perhaps decades. Cincinnati scrapes past a game that feels entirely too tight for comfort.

Cincinnati 34

Tulsa 31

Brent Young

This is really an odd coincidence given the recent history of the two programs. Tulsa has typically matched the physicality of the Bearcats and in various ways has given them the most competitive games in the past 3 years outside of SEC opponents over that period. The fact that the Golden Hurricane has one of the strongest passing attacks in college football makes this a head scratcher. The true narrative will take a turn when Tulsa quarterback Davis Brin’s status is released, which I won’t expect until just before kick-off. I think it doesn’t matter either way.

Brin is in fourth place this year and definitely poses a threat to the BlackCat high school, which has grown stronger as a unit every week. Where I see a difference is in the fact that when Tulsa’s gunslinger tries, the mental side of the recent injury could creep in as the Bearcats put pressure in the pocket against an inexperienced offensive line all night. With Brin sitting out, Braylon Braxton will make his first career start against one of the best teams in the country. On the other hand, the Golden Hurricane defense hasn’t seen pass attack as powerful as Ben Bryant and the Bearcats. Each of their first 4 opponents ended up in the bottom quarter in college football in the passing offensive range. I also think the rushing attack is picking up a bit after Ole Miss grounded 308 yards last week.

The road to the 3rd consecutive UK Championship begins with a win.

Bear Cats 38 Tulsa 24

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