The arctic zone bonus map in Terra Nile is called Polluted Fjord. There are no cracks or lava this time, but there are still plenty of ways to fill the map with the rocks needed for the lichen biome.

The first challenge, however, is locating all the rocks, riverbeds, and other useful terrain features, as the map starts with nothing visible except for a polluted ocean and dirty snow. Terra Nile Players cannot rely on lava or geothermal plants to generate the heat needed to melt snow or warm the atmosphere, but there are other ways to reveal the landscape.


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Stage 1: snowmelt

Terra Nile Fjord Tier 1

There isn’t much to see at the beginning of the Polluted Fjord map. In every random map, there’s a sea bay on the southeast and highlands on every other edge, with nothing in between but a frozen landscape. Tier 1 buildings include the following:

  • turbine
  • tidal turbine
  • poison scrubber
  • Irrigator, solar booster
  • water pump
  • calculator

The map also includes all four climate buildings:

  • Cloud Seeder
  • combustion chamber
  • dehumidifier
  • flash freezer

The ocean inlet has four locations deep enough to place a tidal turbine. Players must do this as there are no rocks for normal turbines. However, that changes once players turn off their first solar booster. Just like the geothermal plant, the amp melts all snow in a perimeter around it. This not only reveals wasteland and cinder tiles, but also rocks and dry riverbeds. Players can then build turbines on the rocks, connect more solar boosters, and expand the smelter inland.

However, the cheapest way to reveal the card is Triggering of snowmelt by reaching 0 °C. To do this, players should melt a corner of the map, cover it with green, and then burn everything with a combustor or two. Completing this stage will be much quicker once the snow melts as the map is covered in stone slabs and ash.

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Stage 2: A rocky road

Terra Nile Fjord Tier 2

The tier 2 buildings in this biome are:

  • Monorail node
  • arboretum
  • biodome
  • Algae Greenhouse
  • rock hopper
  • excavator

After all rivers have been filled in the first phase, players may have too much moisture for the tundra biome. The dehumidifier can fix that. The dry grass it produces is perfect for burning with a solar booster to create the building skins and ash needed for the arboretum and forest biome, just like River Valley.

Once the tundra and forest biomes are complete, players should begin creating slabs of rock with calcifiers. There are many rivers and the calcifier has a good radius so this job is over quickly. However, players should Create these rocks before triggering the snowfall objective, for the snow will freeze land tiles into snow and turn the rivers into ice sheets. Lime Makers cannot sit on ice, and they cannot turn snow tiles into rocks. This means that if players don’t create enough boulder tiles before the rivers freeze, they will have to restart the stage.

Another thing to watch out for is Avoid creating too much seaweed forest. The fjord is only that big, and seaweed tiles don’t count as ocean tiles when using the animal observatory to find sea creatures.

Stage 3: A quick cleaning

Terra Nile Fjord Tier 3

The tier 3 buildings are:

  • airship
  • recycler station
  • recycling beacon
  • recycling silo
  • wildlife observatory

Just like the Volcano Glacier map, there should be plenty of rocks to place Monorail nodes on, so cleaning them up shouldn’t be difficult. Players may have trouble reaching some of the highlands on the edges of the map, especially after the rivers have frozen over, but the Rock Hopper can help when nothing else works.

Terra Nile is now available for Android, iOS and PC.

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