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How to quickly farm credits in Warframe

war frame is a multi-currency game that players need to keep track of. Arguably the most common are credits, a currency used for pretty much everything. Want to level up your mods? You need credits. Craft an item? It will cost credits. Want to play The Index? You need credits to get in.

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With so many credit sinks in Warframe, you’re going to want to have a large supply at all times. Luckily, you have a few options for farming credits. This guide covers four credit farms ranging from beginner spots to endgame activities. We’ll also share a few tips on earning credits if you’re farming this resource for a few hours or aren’t interested in farming at all.


Credit farming tips

Before we delve into farming strategies, we need to briefly address two things:

  1. Ways to increase your credit earnings.
  2. Credit sources that do not require farming.

If you’re just looking for credit farms, skip this section. For newbies or those wanting a refresher, here are some credit farming tips.

Ways to increase credit income

  • Buy a Credit Booster: This doubles all credit earnings for a set duration.
    • A three-day booster costs 40 Platinum.
  • Your first mission grants double credits: With each daily reset, the first mission you complete earns double the credits. This stacks with Credit Boosters. Your bonus does Not however, apply to credit caches, so index earnings will not be improved.
  • Use Chroma’s Effigy: Chroma’s Effigy ability gives enemies the ability to create a rain of credits upon death. More importantly, Credits that drop near your Effigy are worth twice as much and stack with other Credit Boosters. This only works for physical credit drops, so not for the index.
    • Effigy works on the Profit Taker.
  • Bring a Smeeta Kavat: That Smeeta’s Charm buff occasionally grants the Affinity boon, which doubles all pickups for a short time. This applies to credits you pick up off the ground. Charm does Not apply to credit caches.
    • This buff can rarely stack on itself and grants even more loot.
  • Farm during the Thermia Breach event: Venus has a recurring event called Thermia Fracture. Should enough players participate during the event, all credit and resource drops on Venus will be worth twice as much. This applies to the Profit Taker fight.
    • You can view the event progress in the star map menu under the “Events” tab. Note that this tab is only present when an event is active.

Ways to earn credits without grinding

  • Sell ​​spare parts: Go to your inventory menu and look for one of these items:
    • Harrow chassis
    • Orvius blade
    • Orvius disk
    • Credits (past seasons only)
  • Sell ​​mods: You can sell replacement mods for a few thousand credits each. Earning millions of credits this way requires bulk sales.
  • Execute missions: Completing the daily mission grants 100,000 credits with no boosters. Do it daily to slowly build up your credit pool.

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Credit farm for beginners: Dark Sectors

  • Credits: 16-20 km per run (average 5 minutes)

If you’re a new player who doesn’t have access to The Index yet, we strongly encourage you to farm Dark Sectors. These are special endless missions that grant bonus rewards upon completion. Each planet (except Deimos) has two Dark Sector nodes to choose from. Completing one of these scholarships awards between 16,000 and 20,000 credits. They don’t scale based on the time spent in the mission, so you should complete the main objective and evacuate as soon as possible.

The best Dark Sectors to farm are dig missions. Tikal, Earth is one of the best as it unlocks fairly early. You can access this node directly after purchasing an Archwing. If you don’t have an Archwing and are in dire need of credits, farm any Dark Sector node at your disposal. Complete the mission until you can evacuate, then exit the mission. It’s far from the best credit farm, but it’s a great choice for newer players who don’t have many options in the early game.

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Opportunity Credit Farm: Railjack

  • Credits: 100,000 per run (average 5-10 minutes)

Railjack is a surprisingly good source of credits if you’re looking for a more relaxed approach. Skirmish missions in the Veil Proxima grant around 100,000 credits per clear, which only takes a few minutes for an experienced party with a good Railjack build. Solo players will want their Command Intrinsics to be leveled to access AI Gunners and Engineers. Thankfully, unlocking the first few Intrinsic levels is fairly easy.

We recommend farming Grineer Skirmish missions in Veil Proxima, preferably the node with an active Sentient Anomaly. Skirmish missions with an anomaly are fairly short and contain only one Grineer side objective. Hire your AI crew to man the Railjack’s side guns, then fly across the map. Destroy the ships, complete the first side objective, and then clean up the Sentient ship. With the Paracesis or another powerful weapon, the anomaly shouldn’t cause you much trouble. Each playthrough takes only a few minutes and awards a significant chunk of credits, allowing you to earn over 1,000,000 credits per hour just by playing Railjack content.

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Fast Credit Farm: The Index

  • Credits: 125,000 per wave (average 3-5 minutes)

A guide to the banking industry would not be complete without mentioning the index. Players gain access to the Index once they reach Neptune. In this game mode, the player faces off against various Corpus mini-bosses that drop tokens on death. Your goal is to grab those tokens and deposit them. The more tokens you snag, the more points you get, but the lower your HP.

Choose the “High-Investment” option if you plan to farm credits. Your goal is to complete two rounds. Each completed round grants 125,000 credits and lasts around three to five minutes. Warframes that are strong or have extremely high DPS work best here. We recommend you to use one of these Warframes:

  • Wukong: Celestial Twin makes short work of enemies, drawing aggro away from you.
  • Excalibur Umber: Switch to your operator and let Umbra do the killing.
  • Rhino: Iron Skin isn’t weakened by tokens, making it an incredibly safe choice.
  • Titanium: Probably the fastest Warframe for it. Use Razorwing as often as possible.
  • Bring a weapon with radiation and cold: Most Index enemies are weak to either Radiation or Cold. Snipers and AoE weapons are recommended.

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The Best Credit Farm: Profit-Taker

  • Credits: 125,000 per kill (5-8 minutes on average with an exceptional build)

We saved the best (and the hardest) for last. The Profit Taker Orb in Orb Vallis is the best credit farm in Warframe for endgame players. Defeating the orb drops 125,000 credits. That is far better than the Index as you can scale the Profit Taker Orb credit drops with Chroma’s Effigy, Smeeta Kavat’s Charm buff, and even the Thermia Break event. With a Credit Booster and Chroma’s Effigy, you can earn 500,000 credits per run. Throw in another boost, and now you’re earning a million credits per run.

So why isn’t the Profit Taker mentioned in other credit guides? Quite simply: It is extremely difficult. It’s the closest thing Warframe has to a raid boss. Here’s what you need to solo it:

  • A Chroma build with as much power and duration as possible.
  • The Zenurik Focus School or Energy Pads.
  • An endgame archgun build.
  • Endgame builds for your primary, secondary, and melee weapons.
    • Each weapon must cover at least two types of elemental damage, more if possible.

We’re not kidding when we say this is extremely hard to beat. If you don’t meet all of these conditions, we strongly recommend that you assemble a team before farming the Profit Taker Orb. The fight itself is quite simple. You must track down the orb, damage their shields with the appropriate element – Void damage from your Operator swaps out the Profit-Taker’s shield weak point – and then use your Archgun to damage their limbs. Break the pylons that appear after this and repeat until the boss dies.

It’s tedious, full of Corpus enemies that drain your energy, and the boss requires min-max weapons to kill quickly. But if you meet all of these criteria, with practice, you can kill this boss in five minutes. Place Chroma’s effigy directly under the orb as she dies, grab your loot, and then make your way back to Fortuna. Repeat the battle until you have enough credits. You can earn millions of credits in an hour if you’re fast enough. It’s the hardest credit farm in Warframe, but also the most rewarding.

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