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How to play Vantage in Apex Legends – the best tips and strategies for winning

It’s hard to argue that there’s a character like Vantage in Apex Legends. The Legend is listed as a Recon Specialist due to the multiple benefits she offers teammates, but her abilities give players much more than meets the eye. For example, she’s the only Legend that has an ultimate ability that can last almost the entire game. They even expect the sniper specialist to thrive outside of her comfort zone and dominate in close quarters combat. Here’s how to get the most out of Vantage in Apex Legends.

Use Spotter’s Lens to take down the weakest in a squad first

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The passive ability Spotter’s Lens allows Vantage to know the distance and legend of her targeted opponent when aiming down. As important as this is, the biggest benefit is that it also shows what shields are being used by the entire enemy squad. As such, Spotter’s Lens works best when it comes to finding who the most defenseless opponent is and letting them eliminate first. This should allow your squad to quickly disintegrate an entire enemy team and eventually outnumber the strongest in the opposing group.

Although the passive doesn’t work with 1x optics, players can activate this ability with scopes of 2x magnification or higher. Spotter’s Len can even be used while aiming down without a weapon, giving Vantage 3x magnification. So if you’re looking for distant enemies and don’t have a scope, hold down the appropriate weapon switch button for a clear, zoomed-in view of what’s in front of you.

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Dash on nearby enemies with Echo Relocation

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Echo Relocation is a tactical ability where Vantage commands her pet Echo to a location within 40 yards of her so she can be quickly moved to the marked area. The move certainly sounds like an excellent way to dodge shots and evade enemies, although it does wonders when launching attacks. Upon landing, Vantage is gifted a viciously fast double jump, making it incredibly difficult to predict where she’ll fall. This helps a lot when shooting at enemies as you can jump behind them and gain the upper hand from the start of the fight.

It’s also worth noting that Echo Relocation cannot be used when Echo is out of your line of sight. This can cause Vantage to be without their tactics when the creature is behind buildings, although Echo can be recalled so you can reposition it.

Give your teammates an endless supply of damage bonuses with Sniper’s Mark

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The biggest downside of Ultimate abilities is their eternal cooldowns – but not for Vantage. Once the Sniper’s Mark Ultimate becomes active after the first two minutes of a match, the Legend can switch to their deployed custom sniper at any time, provided they have at least one bullet left in their five-round magazine. Also, an additional bullet is automatically added to the magazine every 40 seconds.

As deadly as this makes you with Vantage, it’s actually more beneficial to your teammates. That’s because any enemy you hit with the sniper’s bullets will also take 15% extra damage if attacked by another member of your squad. Better yet, if its ammo is used conservatively, Sniper’s Mark should buff your entire team in any shootout you find yourself in. The sniper even gives her own Vantage bonuses. For one, the sniper deals 100 damage for 10 seconds after successfully hitting an enemy. During this time, the objective will also be marked for each of your squadmates to see.

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