How to Play Minecraft Bedrock on Chromebook

Minecraft hasn’t exactly been available on computers running the Chromebook OS for a long time. The Education Edition of the game was playable, but otherwise fans had to rely on third-party methods to run the game as there was no official non-educational release.

Fortunately, Mojang seems to have heard the concerns of fans using Chromebook devices. On March 15, 2023, studio staffer Sophie Austin wrote a blog post detailing that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is available on Chromebook devices.

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This ChromeOS version of the game is currently in Early Access, which means some players can now enjoy the game on Chromebook. Mojang also stated that the game will be open to all players at a later date.

Depending on a few factors, Minecraft fans can buy and download Bedrock Edition and start enjoying it on their Chromebook right away.

Minimum requirements to run Minecraft Bedrock on Chromebook and how to download it

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Chromebook expected to come bundled with Trails & Tales update (Image via Mojang)
Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Chromebook expected to release alongside Trails & Tales update (Image via Mojang)

An Early Access game, this new iteration of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is only available on certain ChromeOS hardware. According to Sophie Austin, this is due to Mojang Studios’ desire to test the game on a smaller sample size of Chromebooks before expanding it and allowing more ChromeOS laptops to run it.

According to Austin, players can also enjoy the upcoming Trails & Tales update on Chromebook. This suggests that the new iteration of the game will be released before or alongside Trails & Tales.

Whatever the case, the blog post also outlined Mojang’s hardware requirements to qualify to participate in Early Access testing.

Here are the minimum requirements to run Minecraft Bedrock on a Chromebook:

  • operating system – Chrome OS 111
  • system architecture – 64-bit (x86_64, arm64-v8a)
  • processor – Intel Celeron N4500, Mediatek MT8183, Qualcomm SC7180, Intel i3-7130U or better CPU
  • minimum memory – Four gigabytes of RAM
  • storage – Minimum storage space of one gigabyte

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If players meet the requirements listed above, they should be eligible to purchase and download Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on their Chromebook. Officially, they can do this through the Google Play Store, which will have a store page to download the game if a player meets the hardware specs outlined by Mojang.

With just a few clicks, players should be able to download the game as an application onto their Chromebook and enjoy the open-world sandbox much like they do on other devices.

To download Bedrock Edition on Chromebook:

  1. On your Chromebook, open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Search for “Minecraft” in your search bar. If you meet the minimum requirements, the store page should appear. If it doesn’t, you might have to wait until the full release as Mojang said only certain devices will be able to test the game.
  3. Open the game’s store page and click the “Buy/Install” button. If you are purchasing the game for the first time, enter your account and payment information. After that, the game should start installing automatically. If you have already purchased the game and are using the same Google account to download it, you may be able to download it directly without making another purchase.
  4. Once the download is complete, exit the Google Play Store and open your app drawer. The game should be available to open and play.

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If players are unable to download Minecraft Bedrock Early Access, there are a few methods they can use as an alternative.

Thanks to fan engagement, it is possible to play the game on Chromebooks for both Java and Bedrock editions. However, these methods are not approved by Mojang and tend to involve some form of emulation that can cause performance issues, unexpected errors, or glitches.

It’s also worth noting that players emulating the game on Chromebook in this way are technically in violation of the game’s Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.

Finally, it’s technically possible to play the Education Edition on Chromebooks. However, accessing the full version can be difficult for players who are not part of the education section as students or teachers.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh


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