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How to play Jake the Dog

For anyone who loves Adventure Time and does high damage while staying some tanking, Jake the Dog in MultiVersus is a great choice. Jake isn’t in the top rank list – he’s in the A rank – but he’s still considered powerful. In the right hands, you can defeat characters that are in any stage.

Jake has an arsenal of moves that alter his body in unique ways, so players who aren’t used to his morphs should make sure they have the in-game lab open while reading this guide to help them practice help.

movements and what they do

Here’s a guide on how each of Jake’s moves work, and when they’re useful in a fight, and how to use them:


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Rubber belly dude! (Neutral Special)

  • jake eats nearby fighters the disables them.
  • jake carries it in her stomach and if pushes the Neutral button again will spit them out.
  • enemies eaten get the maximum stacks of Weakenedweakened makes enemies keep flying when hit.
  • Allies gain armor and can be spat out as projectiles.
  • In which Airhe does that same thing.

Dizziness up! (Side Ground Special)

  • jake turns into a horse and gallops forward Handling Damage to enemies he encounters.
  • in team battles, his the back becomes one platform.
  • In the air that attack is the same.
  • This move can kill at high enough health but is not the best kill move.

Stretchin’ Out (Up Ground Special)

  • Stretch Jake’s body.
  • any enemies this jake Touches are repelled.
  • Jake’s Bun to become something projectile the snaps back to his head.
  • Jake can be only damaged if a Enemy hits his head.
  • at 150 this train kills.
  • This move can too kill at around 100 when a Enemy is midway in the air.
  • This will also benefit the players primary edge protection movement.

This Is Hard Dude (Down Ground Special)

  • Jake transforms in something heavy and slams on the ground.
  • Load Jake to Keep him transformed.
  • Bullets will be reflected.
  • enemies will be demolished and damaged.
  • Allies bounce Jake and her fire a puff projectile.


eat spikes! (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • jake fees a spike swing the Armor Breaks – Armor cannot hit enemies when attacked with non-Armor Break attacks
  • That longer the charge the does more damage.
  • This attack can kill enemies uncharged when they are at 150 and will be one of the most important kill moves.
  • With a fully charged move you can kill at 120
  • This attack can be activated faster if Jake dodges and then immediately uses it.

Belly Bump (Neutral Air Attack)

  • jake expands his stomach the pushes enemies forward,
  • This attack combinations in a Mallet spin that breaks armor.
  • That is one of Jake’s primary openers.
  • One of the best ways to use this move is quickly fall onto an opponent with it.

Funky Junk (side attack)

  • Jake unleashes a Combination of punches ending in a belly bulge
  • The stamp has one Sweetspot – deals extra damage – at the end of the track.
  • This will be a move Get opponents off the map and can be combined with the side air execution for an early kill.
  • A unloaded side blow will be one of Jake’s primary openers.

Funky Junk (side air attack)

  • jake fees and aim for a stretchy punch.
  • The punch has a sweet spot at the end of the route.
  • The players will want it Use this move to chase enemies off the map to kill them.
  • This can a good opener but generally does not result in a combo.
    • Use it to do this Free up space when a reset is needed.

You got kicked out for it! (ground attack)

  • fees a overhead ax swingarm.
  • The loading process is extended the offer of swing.
  • This move can Kill enemies at 150 and will be one of Main kill moves.
    • It will be Combo of this move that kills so the players have to Land the second one in the air to get a kill.

Mace to the Face (Up Air Attack)

  • Jake turns on Upward mace attack.
  • This move actually combines it with a second airstrike.
  • This move can kill at about 120 if the Enemy is about halfway in the air.

splits! (ground attack)

  • jake charges a two-way split kick the breaks armor.
  • Evade and go into this attack is the best way to use it like this activates this attack fasterbut is only good if an opponent is grounded.

Where’s my half pipe? (air attack down)

  • Jake pulls out a skateboard and does tricks.
  • if jake Landing on enemies deals damage and combines a new trick.
  • if jake lands 3 hits he will apply ignited–applies a fire debuff to enemies that slowly damage them.
  • This move does a lot of damage So if a player knows You can land all three hits, they should try.


Here are some additional tips that will help players master Jake:

  • While Jake has some good combos, many of his moves deal a lot of recoil damage, so Jake will want it Mainly use opening and kill moves to win matches.
  • When a Opponent is at 120 to 150 then Jake will want to focus on landing his neutral ground attack or ground attack.
  • Dodge canceling is a Jake player’s best friend.
    • Jake can a Two hit side ground attack combo, break it with an ax ground attack dodgethen Again, go into this two-hit combo with side ground and an up attack.
    • This is great for Build up chip damage on opponents as well as land a kill.
  • Jakes Neutral Ground Attack is stronger as his ground attack, but, be Ground Attack is faster and they both kill the same amount.
    • Players should keep this in minde Jake’s ground attack kills more often than his neutral ground attack.
    • His neutral ground attack is great for build up damage and kill when available.
  • Jake can walk from a neutral air into an expandable punch as the primary opener.

Jake the dog combos

These are combos that players can use when players have the opportunity, but Jake isn’t focused on learning combos as mentioned in the tips:

  • Uppercut Air Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Neutral)
  • Weakened Recoil Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Neutral), Jump, Air Special (Side)
  • Down Strike Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down)
  • Side Ring Out Air Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Side)

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