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How to play Bugs Bunny

A favorite in MultiVersus, Bugs Bunny is just as adorable as he is on screen. He is also one of the best characters in the game and has a lot of uses with his mage class moving set. Some characters have moves that players will never use, but Bugs Bunny is one of the few characters that does every single one his moves can be used to create devastating combos or kill an opponent.

If players want to learn a character, this is it powerful and reliable, then Bugs is for you. This guide covers everything players need to know about Bugs Bunny’s moves and how to properly play the character.


movements and what they do

Here are all of the moves Bugs Bunny has and some tips on how players should use them:

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A safe investment (Neutral Ground Special)

  • bugs bunny drops a goal for a projectile safe only to fall a few seconds later.
  • The vault can be hit to send it on enemies.
  • If the safe breaks, an object falls and the cooling begins.
  • This is one of Bugs best projectiles as it lingers and it does huge damage.
    • – To flick it forward, players can do it Side air attack on the vault.
    • -To make it slower, players can use theirs ground attack.

Safe Painter (Neutral Air Special)

  • bugs bunny paints the vault into reality, drop it faster.
  • This is the primary way players want to spawn the safe.

Isn’t IA Charmer? (page special)

  • bugs bunny blows a kiss with other characters the Magic–Charmed enemies are stunned.
  • Kiss an ally Furious–Angry enemies next attack will apply stack weakened causing enemies to fly farther back.
  • This step can be kinda bad without the perk, so if players want to use it, they should make sure to do so Equip the perk that does it last longer.

Rocket Rider (Side Air Special)

  • bugs bunny spawns a rocket that he and his allies can ride.
  • The move shares a cooldown with the Up special.
  • The rocket can be used as Opener.

Special Delive Rocket (Up Special)

  • He starts a rocket up and start the cool down.
  • The rocket will later fall back into the arena.
  • If the rocket is on cooldown, Then Bug Bunny will use his ears to fly up with the helicopter.
  • This move can be used to get early kills.

Bunny Burrow (Down Ground Special)

  • Bugs Bunny will dig underground and become invulnerable.
  • Soon after, he will shoot up and attack, leaving the tunnels in place.
  • He can Finish digging sooner by jumping.
  • allies can teleport through the tunnel by crouching.
  • Projectiles can be hit through the hole and come out the other side.

Bun on the Run (Down Air Special)

  • mistake dives towards the ground before you start digging.


Whack-y, huh? (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • Bugs Fees a mallet swing.
  • This train has a huge hit box that hits in front of, over and behind bugs.
  • This will be one of Bugs’ most important edge protection moves.

Helicopter Strike (Neutral Air Attack)

  • He does one rotating stamp that hits fast.

Why should I! (side attack)

  • A spinning combination of punches that breaks armor –armor causes enemies to be unable to punch out of attack they do.
  • the lThe last hit is a powerful blowbut players will want to save the last hit to continue with other combos.
  • Bugs charges a kick.
  • This move covers a lot of space in front of it and can be used as an opener.
  • If Bugs needs to retire, that’s a great move to use and retreat from opponents.
  • This is a good step for edge protection when the opponent flies back onto the stage.

Rabbit Kick (ground attack)

  • He invites Kick up.
  • This is a great move Combo into other moves like a neutral air.

Swing batta batta! (air raid)

  • Bugs swings a baseball bat up.
  • That is a Primary kill move because it does a lot of damage.

Cake Barrage! (ground attack)

  • If Bugs Bunny has a cake equipped and enter is pressed again, he will throw the pie as a projectile.
  • That Cake heals allies it passes through and slowly affects enemies blow.
  • He can throw several cakes until he runs out of ammo.
  • This is a great projectile because it lingers, can be hit on the map, and won’t go away until it falls off the map or hits an enemy.

Look out below! (air attack down)

  • become bugs Throw a cake when equipped.
  • If he doesn’t have cake, he’ll do a down mallet swing.
    • -This movement is great for ledge guard.
    • -It also has a hitbox above it.


These additional tips will help players adopt what they just learned and understood:

  • Bugs Bunny’s passive allow him duck and get items.
  • Mr. Meeseek’s box – It can be used as a projectile that can be thrown as many times as a player wants without it disappearing.
    • -A do neutral attack throws a Meeseeks that can kill opponents.
    • -Use of neutral attack will make the box disappear after a certain period of use.
  • sandwich – Bugs can throw a sandwich that deals 7 damage and throws a player at an angle.
  • TV – Can spawn one of two different allies.
    • nectar – This little robot throws pies which deal 0.5 damage when within a certain range of an enemy.
    • banana guard – Walks back and forth for 5 seconds and does it 7 damage when he hits.
  • dynamite – Throws dynamite that does about 11 damage.
  • If Bugs Bunny makes a cave under a rocket he launched and it flies through, it will shoot back up through the other hole and Bugs can summon another rocket that causes it two missiles on the screen.
  • do A digging on a rocket and if you traverse it, the rocket will be launched on an upward trajectory.
  • Bugs Bunny has a lot of potential kill early using his air and rocket. Players should use this to their advantage by trying Focus on combos that can send enemies airborne early.

Bugs bunny combos

These are devastating combos that Bugs Bunny can use to gain the upper hand over his opponents:

  • Air launch bounce combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Ground Attack (Neutral), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • Air juggler combo – Ground Attack (Side), Jump, Air Attack (Up), Air Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Up)
  • High damage air launch knockback combo – Ground Attack (side), Ground Attack (above), Jump, Air Attack (side)
  • High damage up ring out combo – Ground Attack (Neutral), Ground Attack (Up), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Up)

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