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How to play anchors and the best loadouts in Splatoon 3

turn 3 is one of the best competitive shooters, not just on the Switch but in the larger gaming realm. This is thanks to outstanding mechanics, slick gameplay, and Nintendo’s trademark easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game design. Splatoon 3 is a blast from the start, but if you really want to get into it, you’ll have to dig deep.

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One of the core concepts of Splatoon 3 is team dynamics. You’re always on a team with three other buddies, and everyone should have a role in mind before entering the game. There are three major archetypes that most players will fall into and they are Support, Slayer and Anchor. Today we look at the mighty anchor roll.


What is an anchor

Anchors in Splatoon 3 are your backline – She bulky, polishing, far-reachingCharacters whose main goal is in order not to die. Where Slayers step up for kills and ground and supports are designed for a mix of cover and utility, Anchors are only there to put their boots in an advantageous position and unleash ink.

Should You Play Anchor?

If you like big guns with long rangeand you don’t feel like fair fights, then Anchor is for you. If you want Support your team with firepower and the passivity of your existence, then Anchor is for you. However, if you want to be there thick of things and pushing groundthen anchor probably will not appeal.

How to play anchor

Put simply, a good anchor is oppressive. Their existence is a nightmare for characters who want to invade your team’s territory. Anchors carry the biggest guns in the game. It’s about spray guns, stringersand Charger. An anchor grabbing a splatling gun can easily do that mow down an entire team when they’re not careful, while Stringers and Chargers can Snipe important goals from far away.

Anchors love to place their boots on raised ground. This is an advantageous position for any character, but Anchors with their powerful ranged weapons can be terribly pretentious from a fixed place with good line of sight. The best locations (in general) for anchors are elevated platforms/bridges that exist at or roughly in the middle of the map.

You have three key positions on each map, and depending on your score You will want to record one of them. These locations are:

  • Off-center spawn page
  • center
  • Off-centre opposing side

There’s more to it than that, of course (especially considering the mode), but in an ideal world and usage broad strokes, these three areas are good starting points. You are either try to take the middleto have taken middle and try to keep it or you have pushed the enemy back and try to hold them contain.

Anchors aren’t just about providing fire support. As a matter of fact, One of the most important aspects of an anchor is not being dead. Passive, Being alive as an anchor means you are doing your joband this opens a vital Super Jump location collect for your team. Without doing anything, You support your team when things go wrong.

Anchors are an essential part of any team, and a good anchor will be hold groundto get coverand killing all at the same time.

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Best loadouts for anchors

As we have already dealt with, Anchors love long-range weapons. This generally covers most if not all splash, Chargerand stringers. We’ll cover some of the better loadouts, but almost every one of these weapon types works wonders in this role.

Strong splash

First things first, we need to talk about them Strong splash. This weapon is available very early and is destructive from the beginning. It has a reasonable loading speed and mobilitybut excellent areaand Damage. The Heavy Splatling can pick up any position and put a disgusting amount of ink while outperforming most weapons in the game.

The Heavy Splatlings sub and Special are more of a mixed bag. This limits its effectiveness overall, but the power of the weapon itself helps offset this. That sprinkler is fair disappointing as a sub and frankly, you’ll probably forget he’s there.

That breakwater on the other hand is Excellent. The Breakwater emits shockwaves that reveal enemies hiding in ink and deal damage. This allows the Heavy Splatling to detect hidden threats and ship fast.

Great abilities to look for on gear would be ink resistance, Last try, Ink Saver (Main)/Ink Recoveryand Respawn Punisher.

Hydra Splash

That Hydra Splash is very similar to Heavy Splatling, but swaps loading speed and mobilityfor increased area, Damageand much longer barrage. The Hydra takes a while to reach full power, but once there, it can leave a devastating amount of ink. Note that the hydra does not need to be fully charged to be effective. The Hydra is more than capable of splashing enemies long before reaching full charge.

That sub and Special on the Hydra are too Great. car bomb is a great tool to attract enemies into the open. That Booyah Bombalso can Force enemies into awkward positions as his large AOE and havoc can quickly terminate an enemy advance if they underestimate it.

Skills that work well on the Hydra are things like Ink resistance, last try, Ink Saver (Main)/Ink Recoveryand Respawn Punisher. Could also be considered thermal ink to give you more visibility and support your team.

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Tri Stringer

That Tri Stringer is one of the newest weapons for Splatoon, and it makes for a good anchor. It has area, Damageand utility in droves. Unfortunately, it won’t have the killing power of the Splatlings or the range of the Chargers. This makes the tri-stringer more of a all-rounderwhich could be a strength depending on the setting.

For the tri stringers sub and Specialto which you have access Toxic Mist and Killer Howl 5.1. Toxic Mist is pretty overwhelming but it’s far from useless. At least it will slow enemies hit, making it easier to hit them with your arrows. Killer Wail, on the other hand, is excellent. It locks onto enemies and fires six pursuing ink lasers. Worst case you will disrupt enemy movements. In the best case you land a sneaky murder.

As for skills, the Tri-Stringer likes mobility. running speed and swim speed are great to complement this. could you pick up too thermal ink for visibility and Ink Saver (Main) for better tank health.

E-Litre 4K

Finally we have it E-Litre 4K (although most chargers can fill in for this gun). The E-Litre 4k has won awards area and Damagebut the compromise is slow loading speed and deep mobility. with a fixed aim The E-Litre 4K can lock down enemies and take out important targets before they can devastate your team. They are particularly good at losing weight roll, to brushand splash.

It is sub goes along well too ink refill. This allows you to cover your position with a degree of passivity. It also comes with the above breakwaterr, which is just as good here as it is in heavy splatling.

Because the E-litre can do it hold a charge in squid formskills like Swim faster, ninjaand ink recovery really help the e-litre get the job done.

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