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How to manage your account on Netflix

Netflix allows you to enjoy movies and series anytime, anywhere. The recent announcement of upcoming movie listings including Monica, O My Darling and The Archies, as well as the return of fan-favorite series Jamtara, Mismatched, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and more makes it all the more fun for you not to miss any of them. Make your streaming experience even better with these 5 tips for managing your Netflix account.

Create, change and delete profiles: Add up to five different profiles to a single Netflix account, each with their own customizations. On the Manage Profiles page, select Add Profile. Name the profile and select “Save”. The new profile should appear in your account’s profile list. You can customize or change profiles on the Manage Profiles page. Select the profile you want to change and customize the name, picture or language in the profile. You can also delete a profile that you no longer wish to use by going to “Manage Profiles”, selecting the profile you wish to delete and selecting “Delete Profile”.

Please note: The main profile on your Netflix account cannot be deleted, and once you delete a profile, viewing history and saved games for that profile will no longer be available.

Block your profile: Don’t want others who share the account to sneak into your profile? Enable the profile lock option to keep others out by going to the “Profile & Parental Controls” section under “Account”. Select the “Profile lock” option and confirm your Netflix password. Enter your desired PIN, click save, and enjoy uninterrupted content from around the world.

Pro Tip: If you forgot your Profile Lock PIN, click Forgot PIN?. at the bottom of the screen. Enter your Netflix account password and view or change the Profile Lock PIN created for the profile.

Set display restrictions: Make informed decisions for you and your family with age ratings on Netflix. Choose the types of TV shows, movies, or games your kids can watch or play by managing their profiles individually or by creating a profile with the Netflix Kids experience. Change the “Viewing Restrictions” setting under “Profile & Parental Controls”. Enter your password to set the parental level for the TV shows and movies you want to allow on this profile and select Save. TV shows, movies, and games above the selected age level will be removed from the profile.

Please note: Game ratings correspond to the age settings for TV shows or movies set for the profile.

Change email and phone number: If you want to change your primary Netflix email address or phone number, go to the Account page and select Change Account Email or Change Phone Number. You may be asked to verify your registered email address or phone number with an OTP or to confirm your payment details. Then enter the new email ID or phone number and current account password and click “Save”.

Please note: After you save the changes, you may also need to update the email address in the “Membership and Billing” section.

Prevent someone from using your account: If someone is using your account without permission, change your Netflix password and sign out of all devices connected to your account. You can reset your password via email, SMS, or by recovering your account information using billing information. If you sign out of all devices, the devices associated with your account will be removed and you will need to sign in again with your new password on all devices that you want to use.

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