How to link Saints Row accounts for a free rocket launcher

Seasoned Saints Row players can grab a free Rocket Launcher once the game drops.

The craziest of urban sandbox games, Saints Row is all about wild and wacky guns. The Rocket Launcher is actually on the tamer end of the scale, but it’s a tried and true classic in the Saints Row series. By linking their accounts through the Saints Row website, players can claim some free ordinances before the game even comes out. Find out how to claim and get updates and information on Saints Row’s future development.

To claim the free rocket launcher, visit the official Saints Row website and go to the account linking section. After logging in, the website will ask for permissions to connect accounts. After a short loading screen, you should see a menu with links to other platforms. Saints Row players on PC, PlayStation and Xbox can all claim the free Rocket Launcher.

The exact process differs depending on the platform. In the case of Epic Games, clicking the link will automatically open a window connecting to the Epic Games Store client. Xbox and PlayStation will likely need a connection to their respective online service accounts.

Developer Deep Silver Volition hasn’t revealed exactly how players will claim their rocket launcher, but it will likely appear in the game after the official release date of August 23rd. It could also work as free downloadable content on the Epic Games Store.

What does linking Saints Row accounts do?

For now, a rocket launcher will be incentive enough for many players to link Saints Row accounts to their favorite gaming platform. However, the service may prove useful in other ways in the future.

Saints Row 2022 multiplayer will most likely use its own platform to connect cross-platform. Because of this, players will likely need to create a Saints Row account in order to use online services. The developer has already unveiled a full co-op mode for the entire game, although other multiplayer features are still being kept under wraps.

Creating an account is also required to save Boss Factory themes. By linking accounts, players can transfer their premade character from Boss Factory directly into the new game Saints Row. Saints Row previously used character creation mode as a free demo showing the game’s graphics and customization options. The reboot keeps the feature, and now fans can grab a free rocket launcher just by connecting their accounts.

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