How to knock down bushes in “Fortnite”.

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Online Battle Royale Fourteen days is deep into Chapter 4 Season 1, but Epic Games continues to pump new content into the game. One of the newest additions is Big Bush Bombs – a special item that creates a bush for you to hide in. It might not be the most useful gadget (higher level players will be quick to scout your stash), but it does come with a new weekly quest associated with it. If you want to complete the quest and earn XP quickly, here’s how to knock down bushes Fourteen days.

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How to knock down bushes in Fortnite.

Before you can start scattering bushes around the map, you must first find a Big Bush Bomb. Fortunately, this is an easy task. Big Bush Bombs can be found like any other item on the map, so keep an eye out for treasure chests, supply drops, or glowing items on the ground at popular hotspots. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a Big Bush Bomb within minutes of searching.

Big bush bomb

Source: Fortnite

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Once you’ve added a Big Bush Bomb to your inventory, simply equip the item, aim at your target, and press the shoot button to throw it. Once you’ve thrown the bush, walk towards it and you’ll automatically hide in it.

Chapter 4 Season 1 weekly quest requires you to hide in two different bushes – meaning you’ll have to repeat the above process one more time to complete the quest and earn your XP. It’s worth your time, though, as you’ll get a cool 16,000 XP.

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How to use the Big Bush Bomb like an expert.

While Big Bush Bombs aren’t the best item in Fourteen days, they still serve an important purpose. The main reason you’ll want to hunt her down is for the quest above (and her 16,000 XP). But the bombs are also useful when you’re trying to dodge enemies or just feel you’re outmatched.

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The best way to use the Big Bush Bomb is to hide your location when there are no other players around. It’s a bit easy to see through the disguise up close, but if you manage to put some distance between you and your enemy (e.g. by using a shockwave hammer), throwing a Big Bush Bomb could do a good way to hide your tracks.

Whatever you do, never use a Big Bush Bomb on artificial surfaces such as streets or rooftops. Bushes never spawn in these locations Fourteen days, and if you decide to place a Big Bush Bomb in one of those spots, it’s pretty obvious that someone is hiding inside. Conversely, using a Big Bush Bomb as bait could work in these locations if you can find a second hiding spot to launch an ambush.

You can also combine the Big Bush Bomb with the Bush Warrior Augment to quickly restore a bit of health.


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