How to install minecraft snapshot 20w14∞

The release of Minecraft snapshots is sometimes more exciting for players than the actual updates. These trial versions allow them to try out the features that will be released in stable versions months later.

Snapshots are test versions for Java Edition, which can be slightly unstable. Developers release these trial versions so players can test experimental features and report any bugs or glitches they encounter. This helps the team improve the game experience before the new content is released.

Minecraft Guide: Steps to Download Snapshot 20w14∞, Features Examined

The Minecraft 20w14∞ snapshot released on April 1st, 2020 blew everyone away until they realized it was an April Fool’s joke. It was announced to have been released for “The Ultimate Content Update” and boasted of having infinite dimensions.

Other notable features of the update include funky portals that can be used to access other dimensions, a great looking staircase, and a chest with infinite books. Throwing a book with everything written in it into a nether portal turns the latter into funky portal blocks and also changes the color of the inner part.

If you place a box of infinite books on the ground and right-click on it, a book of random things will drop on it.

How do you download this

Although this Snapshot update was released a few years ago, many players want to try it to see the different variations of dimensions. Here are the steps you can follow to install the 20w14∞ snapshot:

Step 1: Open the official Minecraft launcher.

Step 2: Navigate to the Installations tab.

Step 3: Enable Snapshots under Versions in the top right corner.

Step 4: Click Reinstall.

Step 5: Write down whatever name you like for the installation. Scroll down versions to find 20w14∞. Since this is a fairly old build, you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling. Once you find them, click Create.

After you finish the last step, the 20w14∞ snapshot will be created and you can play it from the launcher. It is important to note that opening the game for the first time may take a while as the necessary files need to be downloaded.

Things to consider before installing 20w14∞ Snapshot

Since this is a snapshot and not a stable update, here are a few things players should know before installing it:

  • Snapshots are exclusive to the Java Edition, and unfortunately no beta or preview version has been released for the Bedrock Edition with the same features.
  • The infinite snapshot can be unstable on some users’ systems, especially when entering a dimension with many features bundled into a small space. Frame drops and occasional lag are to be expected in this release.
  • Worlds created in this snapshot may get messed up when accessed in the newer game versions.
  • Opening single player worlds created in a different version may corrupt the world. As such, it is recommended that players create a backup before accessing any world in Snapshots.
  • Minecraft tends to remove older snapshot folders from the .minecraft\versions directory when the launcher is closed. To avoid losing important data, it is recommended to copy the newly created snapshot folder to a safe place.

Since a lot can go wrong with Snapshots, players typically install them to try out the experimental features and then wait for the stable release.


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