How To Hide In Different Bushes You Thrown Down (Big Bush Bomb Location)

The Big Bush Bomb plays an important role in completing a This Week quest in Fortnite, and this guide will help players find it.

Several new This Week quests are now available in Fourteen days Chapter 4 Season 1 and one of them instructs the players to hide in different bushes that they knocked down. To complete this quest, fans will need to get their hands on a Big Bush Bomb, an item added to Battle Royale on Tuesday, January 24th. This guide is designed to help players track down this item, and it will also detail how to use it to address the Hide in Various Bushes You’ve Knocked Down quest Fourteen days.


Fortnite: Big Bush Bomb Location

The first step to completing this quest is to obtain a Big Bush Bomb which can be found in Chests, supply drops, and as floor loot. So players looking for this deployable item are advised to head to locations with a high density of these loot sources, and Breakwater Bay, Brutal Bastion, and Faulty Splits all match that description. The exact locations of these locations have been marked on the map below, although they are certainly not the only locations Fourteen days‘s map of where to find the Big Bush Bomb.

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Fortnite Big Bush Bomb locationFortnite: Hide in various bushes that you knocked down

With a Big Bush Bomb in hand, players should simply equip it from their inventory, aim it like any other deployable item, and press the fire input to launch it. This will cause a large bush to appear at the spot hit by the Big Bush Bomb, and fans should head into the foliage to hide. Fourteen days Players must then repeat this process with a second Big Bush Bomb, after which they will receive an indication that they have completed the quest “Hide in various bushes that you knocked down”.

One thing to note is that there are actually a few other quests this week that players can advance with the help of the Big Bush Bomb. One of these quests asks fans to throw something within five seconds after damaging an opponent, while another is completed by simply throwing something. The potential overlap between these quests will certainly be appreciated by players who value efficiency and want to progress quickly Fourteen days‘s Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Big Bush Bomb location

Big Bush Bombs aren’t just useful for completing quests, however, as they can also help players earn a Victory Royale. The item is especially powerful when using the Bush Warrior Augment Fourteen dayswhich allows fans to regenerate health and partial shields by standing in large hands, and players should try to incorporate this combo into their strategies.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Mobile.

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