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Limited edition pets and eggs are just part of what makes Pet Simulator X work, but it’s a pretty big part, to say the least! In some cases, these eggs and pets are added with holiday events like Halloween or Christmas. in others they are added with a weekly or monthly update and removed soon after. The recently added Fiesta Egg is one of those holiday/event eggs and will likely be removed after Cinco de Mayo. So if you want to hatch one yourself, do it sooner rather than later!

How to get a Fiesta Egg in Pet Simulator X

While celebrating Cinco de Mayo, keep an eye out for the PiƱata Cannon located near the bank in the Spawn World shop area. Starts at noon CTthis cannon will activate every four hours on the hour and players can use it to travel to the Fiesta Maze!

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To progress through this maze, players must destroy chests to find the right path. Although this path will be different each time, below is a sample path.

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If you’re lucky like me, players will already have destroyed every single chest before they even enter the maze, making it super easy to complete the objective! Completing the objective will allow you to purchase and hatch two eggs – the Fiesta Egg (which costs 15,000 diamonds) and the Golden Fiesta Egg (which costs 135,000 diamonds).

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The following pets can be hatched from a Fiesta Egg:

  • Pinata Dog (95% hatch chance)
  • Pinata Monkey (??% chance of hatching)
  • Sombrero Corgi (??% chance of hatching)
  • Sombrero Axolotl (??% chance of hatching)
  • Huge sombrero chihuahua (??% chance of hatching)

That’s all there is to it! Unlocking all of the pets available in this egg will likely take some time, so don’t feel bad if you don’t have them all right away!

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