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Forspoken is finally here on PS5, and it’s time to show the world your damn cool magical combat skills. You’ll learn many different types of magic on Frey’s journey, but Purple Magic will stick with you from the start and remain a great tool throughout the game. To help you progress in your journey, let’s take a closer look at Frey’s combat-focused Purple Magic and what it can do.

Frey starts out with the following offensive spells: Burst Shot, Shield Shot, and Scatter Shot (each at level 1), along with the Support Magic Bind. To learn more spells, you’ll need to spend the mana points you’ve accumulated through leveling up and by finding pools of mana scattered across the vast landscapes of Athea. The order in which you learn spells is up to you, but if you think you made a mistake, don’t worry – you can always unlearn a spell to gain a mana refund to use elsewhere .

Now let’s look at some Purple Magic spells and how best to use them:

attack magic

Burst Shot: A powerful and reliable type of attack, Burst Shot creates a huge stone blast after you unleash its charge. The higher the rank of the spell and the longer the charge, the greater the ensuing ka boom. If enemy defenses are tough, try a charged Burst Shot – it can pierce defenses of enemies you flaunt with shields.

shield shot: Some enemies do not respect Frey’s personal space. This is where the shield shot comes into play. If you charge up Shield Shot and an enemy tries to attack you from the front, they’ll be in for a nasty surprise if you counter by blowing up their shield. The shield increases in size at higher levels and can also serve to protect you from certain projectile attacks. Be careful though, as you are still vulnerable to side and back attacks and shield-busting blows.

Scattershot: Love powerful attacks but hate the whole “can’t attack while charging” thing? Then you will appreciate the mechanics of Scatter Shot. Holding the button will emit a rapid-fire spray of small magical explosions as you charge to unleash a large deathblow. The higher the caster level, the bigger the explosion. Scatter Shot is great for long-range combat and is especially effective against a lot of flying enemies.

support magic

Tie: Some enemies won’t sit still while you try to target them, but Bind is here to help. Bind temporarily keeps enemies still in a large radius while you free your shots, or if you just don’t feel like a fight you can keep them at bay while skedaddling.

tendril: When an angry mob is coming at you from all sides, Tendril is an amazing crowd control spell. It can be used on the ground or in the air and sends a huge tendril in a large circle around Frey. Not only can it knock down numerous enemies at once, but it also heals based on the damage you deal.

Implant: Implant doesn’t seem to do much at first, but each time your attacks hit you also deal a little extra damage. It’s a nice spell when facing an opponent with a large health bar.

Prime: This spell is a little tricky, but it’s worth it. Use Prime to set a trap in the ground, then try to lure your enemies in using yourself as bait. Once they step on the trap, an explosion will knock down nearby enemies. (Or, if you’re feeling mischievous, your charged burst shot can trigger the trap as well.) The knockdown potential makes this device great for setting up kill moves.

scatter: This spell causes Frey to plant a giant flower in the ground that will quickly bloom into a beautiful turret, ready to shoot any enemy that comes within range. It works well in conjunction with Scatter Shot when you want to keep your distance, and it’s also great for flying enemies.

lye: It heals you when you are poisoned. Not much more to say here, but keep this in mind whenever you find yourself on the brink of death by slowly depleting your health.

Screen: Want the shield shot’s protective function, but against enemies it doesn’t work well against? Screen provides a similar wall of protection against a frontal blow. But beware: charging up takes quite a long time and can be breached with guard break attacks.

surge magic

Genesis: Genesis is a Surge Magic spell, a powerful attack that you can use by pressing L2 and R2, preferably in difficult situations since it has a long recharge. The spell sends out tendrils of rock that hit something on the ground a short distance in front of Fray. By upgrading Surge and holding down L2 and R2 longer, the area of ​​effect will increase over a few seconds, dealing even more damage. As devastating as this spell is, it doesn’t cover Frey’s back and sides and can leave Fray vulnerable to attacks, especially if L2 and R2 are held down for long periods of time. Be mindful of your surroundings whenever you decide to unleash the power of Genesis.

That’s a lot of spells, and plenty for creating fun battle strategies. And if you find these spells cool, just wait until you see what red, blue, and green magic has to offer. Don’t forget to use the Spellcraft books to complete combat and exploration challenges that revolve around each spell, as completing them provides some very useful combat boosts.


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