How to get the Eva Cremers x H&M Alien Head in Roblox Loooptopia

Roblox Loooptopia, developed by the renowned clothing brand H&M, was released in the Metaverse in winter 2022. In this game, players can do everything from customizing their avatars to trading virtual goods with others on the server. The title has garnered a niche following and over 4.2 million visits thanks to its immersive features and special events.

This month marks a special event where the exclusive Eva Cremers x H&M Alien Head limited edition accessory is up for grabs. Players looking for an alien style headgear should consider claiming it. Additionally, they can collect other limited edition UGC products during this event.

This article will help readers get their hands on the Eva Cremers x H&M Alien Head. Since it only takes a few minutes to get the distinctive UGC accessory, read on to learn more about the process.

Complete a scavenger hunt to secure the limited edition Alien Head in Roblox Loooptopia

You are tasked with finding five alien masks scattered across the map in order to unlock the Eva Cremers x H&M Alien Head. But before that you need to start the scavenger hunt mission. Follow the simple steps below to join the event challenge:

  1. Start Roblox Loooptopia and enter the main server.
  2. Once inside, travel from the spawn point to the purple Eva Cremer x H&M Blip.
  3. In front of the purple round floor you’ll find two plaques titled Scavenger Hunts and Eva Cremers Pets.
  4. Enter the blip to reach the floating event platform (you will be automatically teleported once you enter the blip).
  5. Go past the cliff on the platform to enter the Scavenger Hunts arena.
  6. You will see mannequins wearing event cosmetics, look to the right to find the Eva Cremers x HM Alien Head mannequin.
  7. Go into the circular marker and interact with the mannequin to start the scavenger hunt challenge.

How to complete the scavenger hunt in Roblox Loooptopia?

Five Alien Head masks can be found in different places on Roblox Loooptopia’s map. Follow the steps below to complete the scavenger hunt in minutes:

  1. Go straight off the walking platform and fall in the direction of the rainbow fields (you won’t take any fall damage).
  2. Now go through the ramp and go left to find a slope.
  3. The first Alien Head mask can be found on the building across from the slope.
  4. After collecting the alien mask, climb onto the blue jump boost tool that can be seen on your right.
  5. The boost will help you jump to the top of the building, and an alien head is right in front of the advertising sign.
  6. Go back downstairs and reach the ground floor.
  7. Follow the purple line on the right and look left to find an alien head between some plants and a tree.
  8. Head straight off the tree to reach the skate rail and stunt ramp section.
  9. Go behind the giant trunk-like structure to find the fourth alien head.
  10. Turn around and go to the next street to find a light blue tunnel.
  11. Go into the tunnel and reach the end to collect the last Alien Head mask.

A new user interface with the alien head from Eva Cremers x H&M appears on the screen. You can either wear the newly received alien hat immediately or add it to your virtual collection.


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