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Creatures of Sonaria feels like Roblox’s love letter to the cult classic Spore. In this game, you control creatures of different sizes, shapes, colors, powers, and survival conditions, each offering a unique gaming experience. Alongside this active gaming loop, there are passive income models in the background, one of which is Shooms. Shooms can be used to buy a variety of things in Creatures of Sonaria, so getting plenty is highly recommended. However, the question arises as to what is the fastest way to collect Shooms.

The fastest way to collect Shooms in Creatures of Sonaria

AFK farming

By far the fastest and most efficient way to collect Shooms is through AFK farming since you win five shooms every two minutes in the game. In Creatures of Sonaria, AFK farming is done by finding a safe area and using a creature that has either one high appetite or is a photovore, or a creature that survives on a sunlight diet. Creatures with high appetites can easily leave you unattended for a little under half an hour at a time, but photovores can leave you unattended for as long as you like with the right setup. The setup for AFK Photovore Farming is as follows:

  • Find a secluded, enclosed area with a water source.
  • Find something to set on yours e key on the keyboard.
  • Download a vault auto clicker Program. Click Per Second Test has a list of safe autoclickers on their website.
  • Position your Photovore next to the water source.

If you follow these steps, you can keep Creatures of Sonaria open all night and wake up with loads of shooms. Note, however, that if you don’t keep your creature active or make a mistake, Roblox’s AFK detection will kick you for inactivity.

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Trade for Shooms

Another way to collect Shooms is by trading items in the trading world. The trading world is Creatures of Sonaria’s version of an auction house, where players can trade currency or items, and vice versa. Using the trade world is a way to gather more shooms, but it’s usually not as effective as AFK farming.

Daily login rewards

Creatures of Sonaria rewards players for consecutive daily logins, and Shooms are a common reward. However, since this is a one-time reward and doesn’t guarantee Shooms, this is a poor method to rely on for Shoom collecting.

death rewards

While not a reliable or effective source for shooms, death rewards can reduce the hit when you get killed in Creatures of Sonaria. Death rewards give you currency and other items based on how good you were at surviving. The game takes into account how much food and water you’ve used, how far you’ve traveled, and how much time you’ve spent in-game. The death rewards are split into tiers, with each tier offering different rewards:

  • D level: This tier doesn’t offer any rewards for running, but it’s very hard to get a D unless you died shortly after spawning.
  • C level: This level provides five shoom As a reward, praise your efforts in surviving a little longer than Tier D.
  • B level: Mid-range offerings 10 sham and a Appearance Change Token as a reward, making it much better than the previous two tiers.
  • A step: Offer 20 shama Appearance Change Tokenand a Partial growth tokenthis is the first tier that offers juicy rewards.
  • S level: Finally, this stage offers 50 shama revive tokens, two appearance change marksand a Partial growth tokenmaking it much better than even the level directly below.

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Shopping at Robucks

Technically, spending real money on Robucks and converting it into Shooms is the quickest way to collect Shooms, but that assumes you have plenty of cash to spend on Creatures of Sonaria. Assuming that this is not the case, this is probably the worst method due to the money constraint.

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