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How to get Iron Man Zero skin in Fortnite?

The Iron Man Zero skin will be arriving in Fortnite Battle Royale soon. A few lucky players have already gotten access to the outfit and it looks amazing. Others, however, will have to wait a little longer.

The new Fortnite cosmetic item is highly exclusive as it will be awarded to a handful of players who have purchased it Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War Comic Trouble. The fifth edition will be released in a few days, then the new skin will officially arrive.

This article explains everything you need to know about the Iron Man Zero outfit and how to get it. It also shows all of the cosmetic items that accompany the skin, along with its additional styles.

Iron Man Zero is a very exclusive reward

Back in June 2022, Epic Games and Marvel collaborated to bring the Fortnite x Marvel Zero War Comics for Fortnite Battle Royale fans. Featuring both Fortnite characters and Marvel heroes, these comics reveal many plot details.

So far, the company has published four issues. However, the fifth and final edition will be released on Wednesday September 28th. In particular, each issue contains an exclusive reward.

The Iron Man Zero skin comes with Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War issue number five (Image via Epic Games)
The Iron Man Zero skin comes with Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War issue number five (Image via Epic Games)

The fifth edition will reward players with an exclusive loading screen based on the comics. But he will also complete the entire comic collection and reward customers with the exclusive outfit.

Here’s what Epic Games posted on their blog a few months ago:

“Those who redeem all five cosmetic items will unlock an additional outfit granted in-game.”

The extra outfit turns out to be Iron Man Zero. However, the Fortnite developer has also clarified that the outfit will be released in the item shop at a later date. Although the release date is unknown, it may arrive during Chapter 3 – Season 4.

If you want to get the exclusive outfit on September 28, you must purchase all five copies of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War Comics. Once you redeem the codes for special rewards, you will automatically receive the Iron Man Zero skin.

The skin comes with a lot of accessories

Prior to the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 4, there were several rumors surrounding Hulkbuster’s outfit or vehicle. It turns out that since Iron Man Zero is based on a fictional high-performance suit, Epic Games decided to make an outfit out of it.

The outfit has several accessories including the Bladed Gauntlet pickaxe and the Repulsor Pack back bling. Outfit owners can also use the skin’s built-in emote.

The outfit will come in multiple styles (Image via Epic Games)
The outfit will come in multiple styles (Image via Epic Games)

The exclusive outfit is also available in many different styles. His default style is based on Iron Man and sports a dominant red color. However, the outfit with its blue armor will also pay tribute to The Seven.

In addition, players can choose between different helmets and visors.

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