How to Get Free Paramount+ Subscription in Roblox

To celebrate the release of Teen Wolf: The Movie, Paramount Game Studios has come up with a surprise for Roblox Werewolf Escape fans. Using a specific code, players can secure a free trial of the coveted Paramount+ subscription.

If you are interested in getting this reward, all you have to do is start and play Werewolf Escape. You can see the code in game.

Roblox Werewolf Escape comes with a free Paramount+ subscription

@RBXNews_ on Twitter updated fans on the news of this latest collaboration. Werewolf Escape was developed by Roblox in partnership with Paramount+ to mark the long-awaited release of Teen Wolf: The Movie.

When you load the game and start playing, you’ll find the code to try the streaming platform for free for 30 days. No need to look anywhere else or make an extra effort.

Werewolf Escape is an adventure game where players spawn as humans, werewolves or the villain in Beacon Hills. Each character type has its signature survival method that will help you win the game. To improve your experience, you can collect coins and unlock new character skins.

Humans have to focus on avoiding the enemy and finding the fastest escape route. They can also release any captured werewolves that are their allies. On the other hand, werewolves should strive to protect the city and use their claws to fight the villain whose sole purpose is to hunt and capture all animals.

Roblox has collaborated with many well-known brands

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Roblox is known for its willingness to work with well-known brands.

In the past, the game has partnered with Nike and FIFA, allowing players to redeem their favorite team’s jerseys and customize their avatars with Nike gear in Nikeland. You could choose between a variety of sports during gameplay, including soccer, basketball, track and field, and swimming.

Walmart launched its experience on the platform in October 2022. William White, Chief Marketing Officer at Walmart US, also gave his reason for the partnership:

“It’s one of the fastest growing and largest platforms in the metaverse, and we know our customers spend a lot of time there.”

The company introduced two products on the platform – “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play”.

Roblox has also partnered with apparel and footwear brands like Gap, American Eagle, and Forever 21 for exclusive experiences. Luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Tommy Hilfiger and Gucci have also announced their presence on the platform.

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