How to get Clorthax’s Paradox Party and Steam 3000 Badges during the Steam Summer Sale

If you thought buying games at a massive discount to fill your Steam library and the hole in your heart would be easy, you would be right! But during the Steam Summer Sale 2022 another challenge has appeared, one from Clorthax, “a time-traveling trickster” who has stolen 10 games from the future and traveled back in time to sell them to you.

Unfortunately, the “games” that Clorthox stole from the future are not playable, but you can get the Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge if you find all 10 games. You can also get your hands on Steam 3000 badges.

You only have until July 7th to get your hands on these badges.

How to get the Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge during the Steam Summer Sale

To get the Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge you must find all 10 games that Clorthox stole. First, go to the Steam Summer Sale page and click on the “Free Fun This Way” banner with Clorthox’s face on it. This will take you to the quest page and Clorthox will give you his first clue.

After you get a hint, click on the “Go find it!” button. button below the hint and you will be redirected to the category/genre page this game from the future is stolen from. You’ll want to find the game that matches the clue by navigating the site; Each can be identified by the fake price and discount. The original price is “CL.0R” and the discount is “TH.4X”. With each find you increase your Steam 3000 badge and receive additional profile elements such as an avatar frame or a chat sticker.

Find all 10 games to fully upgrade Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge. If you want the answers to every riddle, check out our guide here.

How to get Steam 3000 Badges during the Steam Summer Sale

Steam 3000 badges are earned by participating in the Steam Summer Sale event. Like any normal badge, it is crafted using trading cards that you can purchase during the sale. You can earn Steam 3000 trading cards by:

  • Complete your queues: Progress through your discovery queue to receive a Steam 3000 trading card. This is the easiest way to get cards as you just have to click through, but you can only do this once a day.
  • Buy games: You can earn one card for every $10 spent. Here are some of the best deals.
  • Buy or trade trading cards: You can buy the cards immediately when they are sold in the market. Visit Badges under your profile dropdown menu and then click on the Steam 3000 Badge. You can see all trading cards you need and view market listings from there.

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