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How to get and use Whisper Keys in Diablo IV

Do you want to know how to get and use Whispering Keys DiabloIV? Travel to the dangerous and mysterious world of DiabloIV, you will experience many hellish trials, but all of them will reward you with valuable rewards and treasures. Also, mysterious Silent Chests full of rare items can sometimes be found in the world. But how do you open them? All you need are Whispering Keys, mysterious items that you can buy from an in-game NPC. Travel to Kyovashad and visit the Curio Supplier to get Whispering Keys DiabloIVand we will help you with that.

Where to get Whisper Keys in Diablo IV

You can get Whispering Keys DiabloIV by visiting the NPC Lizveth Curio Provider. To do this, you need to go to one of the starting cities – Kyovashad and the southeastern part of the city. Open the in-game map and look for the bank icon. Near a small wooden house you will notice an inconspicuous girl. After talking to her you will see many goods that she can sell you.

To purchase Whispering Keys, scroll down the Curio Supplier item list and pay 20 mumbling obols. You can get this currency by participating in events in the game. looking small red circles on the game map and hurry there. It only takes you a few minutes to complete the event. And if you play in a group, you will conquer every challenge. Once you complete the event, you will receive a random amount of Murmuring Obols based on how helpful you were during the challenge.


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How to use Whispering Keys in Diablo IV

Once you’ve bought the Whispering Keys, you can open each one silent chest. These chests are scattered across the game map, so you can come across them at any time. Despite the limitations of your inventory, we advise you to carry several keys with you. The rewards in Silent Chests are valuable enough that you won’t want to miss them.

So if you find a Silent Chest in the world, approach it and interact. The Whispering Key will automatically disappear from your inventory and the Silent Chest will open.

diablo 4 is available on Windowsplaystation 4, PlayStation 5Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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