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The rune skill has a good reputation in Old school RuneScape for being notoriously time-consuming to train. Unlike other skills in the game, there is none easy way to train rune skill – but they exist many methods to choose from, even at low levels, and what you choose depends on how you want to play the game.


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Many methods of rune skill training can take you from low levels all the way up to level 99, which means choosing the right method is all the more important. You should consider whether you are ready for this Lose money to win XP installments and also what kind of gaming experience you are looking for. Here we go over some popular training methods to get you started.

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Training rune skill at low levels is either very expensive or very slow; There is not a perfect method until at least level 23. Because of this, the recommended way to plow through those early levels with ease is over complete questswhich can take you from level one to level 34 if you put enough effort into it.

Good beginner-level quests that grant rune skill XP include:

  • Enter the Abyss – grants 1,000xp and also entry to the Abyss for further runecrafting training.
  • Ascent of Arceuus – Grant of 500xp.
  • The eyes of Glouphrie – grants 6,000xp, but requires 46 magic among other things.
  • lunar diplomacy – Granting 5,000xp despite having very high level requirements.

Finally graduation Temple of the Eye gives the player a total of 9,210xp and unlocks them Guardian of the Rift Minigame, a great interactive runecrafting training method that can take you from level 27 to level 99.

Craft Lava Runes

hit once level 23 Runecrafting, you can start crafting Lava Runes at the Fire Altar in Al Kharid for solid XP rates at a small cost: about two to three gp per XP point gained. Make sure you wear one fire tiara so you can enter the altar without a fire talisman taking up valuable inventory space. In addition, you want to bring weight reducing clothing to speed up your trips between the altar and the bench. The quickest way to store your essences between trips is to use a Ring of Duel to travel between the Duel Arena (near the altar) and the castle wars arena (for bank access).

To craft lava runes, you need one Earth Talisman in your inventory one Earth Rune for each Lava Rune crafted, and as much Pure Essence as you can carry on every trip. Make sure you use as many essence pouch how to get your hands on it to maximize experience gain per ride.

If you have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have level 82 magic, you can cast this Magic Imbue cast spells just before you make your runes so you can get them on hand without an earth talisman.

Guardian of the Rift

If you fancy a break from your Lava Rune runs or want to earn some sweet minigame rewards, this is the Guardian of the Rift is the mini game for you. As well as being a fun team-based minigame, Guardians Of The Rift offers reasonable XP rates that can be boosted by bringing along Essence Bags, as if you were doing normal altar walks.

If you have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have level 67 magic, you can cast this NPC contact Spell to talk to Dark Mage (Abyss)who repairs your broken bags.

To increase your XP rates even further, you can complete various quests Unlock more types of runes:

rune type Quest required Required runecrafting level
Cosmic Lost City 27
Law troll fortress 54
Death The End of Mourning Part II 65
blood sins of the father 77

Notable rewards include the Abyssal Needle – which is used to sew your Essence Pouches together to create a hefty one Colossal Bag – and the rain of the eyea clothing set that increases your rune output when you complete an altar run.

Runecrafting in the Abyss

Completing the Enter The Abyss quest appropriately unlocks the Abyss, which essentially serves as a hub connecting many of the great altars of Runecrafting. This is the main advantage of the Abyss: quick and efficient access to many of the game’s altars, while quickly teleporting back to a nearby bank. In addition, although the abyss offers lower XP rates than the above methods, it offers much better profit margins – so good for gamers on a budget.

The entrance to the Abyss is in wildernessso be wary of player killers and Bank your valuable items before the start of the runs. In addition, it is recommended to wear Dragonhide armor to reduce damage from the Abyssal creatures inside, which will attack you immediately. Definitely bring it with you pickaxe – preferably a light one like this Bronze Pickaxe – and carry as much Pure Essence as possible between your essence pouches and your free inventory slots.

Running through the wilderness many times makes this a risky training method, but you can mitigate this by using one Amulet of Glory to teleport you back to Edgeville for quick banking once you finish a run.

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