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Aside from its gameplay looping of PvP combat with a combination of melee and ranged weapons, Combat Warriors is also a bit of a fashion competition. Between having cool-looking weapons, armor, and other cosmetic items, the game is as much about looking cool to other players as it is about hearing the killing sounds of their Combat Warriors. To that end, many players are wondering how to equip enchantments in Combat Warriors and what enchantments do in the game.

Equip enchantments in Roblox Combat Warriors

The issue with equipping enchantments in Roblox Combat Warriors is actually a confusing menu issue for players as it is quite hidden. What you have to do is open the in-game menu and select workload. From here select one of your weapons and under the picture on the right there is one To adjust Button. Click on that and there is a very small box above the image that says Enchanted. Click on it and you will bring up your list of enchantments, so click on your favorite enchantment and it will be equipped with the weapon.

How to get more enchantments in Roblox Combat Warriors

There are two ways to purchase enchantments in Combat Warriors. The first option is to buy enchantments from Item shop with real money. This is the easiest way, but since it costs money, it’s not recommended for most players. The second way is to Purchase cases with ether. The Aether currency can be purchased via level up, Daily Rewardsand tasks.

List of enchantments in Roblox Combat Warriors

The enchantments in Combat Warriors are divided into four levels of rarity viz Together, Unusual, Rarelyand Legendary. The full list of enchantments is below:

Common Spells

  • explosion
  • Blow
  • Red Bubbles
  • Blue Bubbles
  • Green Bubbles
  • sparkles
  • Red sparkles
  • Blue sparks
  • Green sparkles

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Unusual Spells

  • Green Poison
  • Blue Poison
  • Crimson Poison
  • Yellow Poison
  • Purple Poison
  • Black Poison
  • skull
  • Crimson Skulls
  • Golden sparks

Rare Spells

  • whirl
  • Bright
  • Aurora Light
  • shadow light
  • Ring of Void

Legendary Spells

  • Fire
  • Green Fire
  • Blue fire
  • Crimson Fire
  • white fire
  • galaxy
  • Galactic Star
  • lightning
  • Crimson Flash
  • Purple Lightning
  • Black Lightning
  • snake flash
  • Amaterasu

What do enchantments do in Roblox Combat Warriors?

It’s important to note that enchantments in Combat Warriors are specifically cosmetic items designed to make your character look cooler or more to your liking. None of the enchantments do anything statistical or effective to the weapons they are equipped with, so while enchantments can be paid to unlock, none of them are pay-to-win. Because of this, someone, even if they have the rarest enchantments in the game, is still at the same level as any other player in combat effectiveness in this regard.

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