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How to enable and use fall detection on the Galaxy Watch 5

Fall detection is a life-saving feature that’s available on select Samsung smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 5, but is disabled by default.

About the security features available on the Galaxy Watch 5 is fall detection, but Samsung doesn’t enable it by default, so here’s how to turn it on. There are several reasons why people buy a smartwatch. For some, tracking their physical activity, such as B. daily steps, training sessions and calories burned during training. Some are turning to a smartwatch to keep track of vital health metrics like heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure, to name a few.


Samsung’s fall detection feature isn’t limited to the Galaxy Watch 5. It is also available for the Galaxy Watch 4 series, Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. In addition, Apple offers fall detection for its watches, including the new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and Watch SE 2nd generation. This life-saving feature notifies the emergency contact when the watch detects the user has fallen.

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Samsung doesn’t say why fall detection is disabled by default. Still, turning it on is easy. Users can activate it through the Galaxy Wearable app or on their wrist. Users may prefer the former as it’s easier since the phone’s display is larger and easier to see than the Galaxy Watch 5. To enable fall detection in the Galaxy Wearable app, turn on Bluetooth on the phone and watch . and confirm that both devices have been paired successfully. Next, launch the Galaxy Wearable app and select “Watch Settings”. Next, scroll down and tap on “Security and Emergency”. Finally, toggle the switch in front of “Hard fall detection”.

Users can customize fall detection

An easier way is to launch the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the search icon on the right. First search for “SOS” and tap on the first result. It should open the menu where users can enable fall detection. To turn on “fall detection” on the watch, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings menu. Tap the gear icon to open Watch Settings and scroll down to Security & Emergency. Tap on it and select “Hard fall detection”. Turn on the switch. It should open “Security and Emergency” where the “Fatal fall detection” toggle is located. Samsung lets users choose when the Galaxy Watch 5 should detect falls.

Users can choose to enable fall detection always, during physical activity, or only during exercise. Fall detection also requires that one or more emergency contacts be selected. This contact will be notified when the watch registers a fall. Selecting an emergency contact can be done in the Galaxy Wearable app. Follow the steps above to go to “Security & Emergency” in the app. Tap “Send messages to” and add the contact you want the watch to message in an emergency. Users can add multiple people. The SOS message sent to an emergency contact includes the user’s location.

There is also the option of making an SOS call in an emergency. However, unlike SOS messages, users can only select one contact and that person is from the list of those to be contacted via messages. Fall detection on the Galaxy Watch 5 is a valuable feature and can prove especially useful for older users who are more prone to falls. Users who frequently exercise outdoors may also want to turn it on.

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