How to eliminate an enemy without ranged weapons in ‘Fortnite’

Mixture of ranged and melee weapons Fortnite

Source: Epic Games

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If you want to level up fast Fourteen days, probably keep a close eye on the weekly challenges. These tend to be an easy way to earn XP – but one of the latest additions is a little more challenging than usual, tasking you with eliminating an enemy with no ranged weapons in your inventory.

In order to successfully complete the quest, you need to know exactly what can be used as a ranged weapon Fourteen days, then find a way to achieve an elimination. Here’s a closer look at how you can achieve those goals.

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What is a ranged weapon in ‘Fortnite’?

The main thing to keep in mind when tackling this weekly quest is that ranged weapons are taboo. While you can use them to deal initial damage, you’ll want to make sure you drop all of them from your inventory before eliminating your target. But what exactly is a ranged weapon Fourteen days?

Source: Epic Games

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The list is extensive (and constantly changing as new weapons are added or removed from the game), but it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s eligible. Any form of SMG, rifle, shotgun, pistol, or other weapon that can damage enemies more than an arm’s length away can be categorized as a ranged weapon.

Remember – this weekly quest not only requires you not to use a ranged weapon, it requires that there are none in your inventory at all! Make sure you drop whatever you have and replace it with either melee weapons or healing items.

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How to eliminate a player without ranged weapons in ‘Fortnite’.

While it may seem intimidating, there are a few easy ways to eliminate a player Fourteen days without ranged weapons. Another catch with this challenge is that it must be completed on foot – so you can forget about ramming into enemies with a vehicle.

Shockwave Hammer Fortnite

Source: Epic Games via Twitter

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Instead, consider looking for a shockwave hammer. Not only do these deal incredible melee damage, but their secondary ability lets you jump across the map (an ability that makes it easy to close the gap between you and your target).

The Shockwave Hammer is your best bet for completing this weekly quest, but you can also use your trusty pickaxe. It doesn’t deal much damage, so this tactic is best used early in the game, before anyone has full shields. It takes a few hits, but the pickaxe is a perfectly viable way to eliminate a player.

Still struggling with that weekly quest? It might be worth finding a bot lobby that offers easier enemies that can be conveniently taken down with a pickaxe or shockwave hammer.


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