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How to Earn Credits Fast in Marvel Snap: Best Collection Level Tips

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Credits are vital in Marvel Snap as you try to increase your collection level and unlock new cards. Therefore, here is a detailed guide on how to earn as many as possible every week.

Credits are your most important resource in Marvel snap. They are essential when it comes to increasing card rarity and therefore your collection level.

Earning as many credits as possible can speed up your path to unlocking Most cards in the game. While some methods of acquiring credits are fairly easy, others require a little more legwork.

So if you don’t know what to try next, don’t worry. We bring you a complete rundown of the best ways to earn credits fast Marvel snap.


Cards in Marvel Snap

Marvel / Second Dinner

Upgrading cards in Marvel Snap requires a lot of credits.

Free credits in the Marvel Snap Shop

The first step to maximizing your credit gains in Marvel Snap is to check the in-game store daily. Although it may not seem obvious at first glance, free credits are actually offered every 24 hours.

Every time the in-game store is updated at 8:00 p.m. PT, 50 credits are available directly in the store. There are no unlock requirements, these are free for all players every day.

While 50 credits may not seem like a lot, they certainly add up. Even if you don’t have enough time to play a lengthy session, it’s worth spending just a few seconds of your time each day to launch Marvel Snap and grab those credits.

Daily and weekly missions are essential

Next up are the daily and weekly missions in Marvel Snap, arguably the best source of credits overall. Found under the Missions tab on the homepage, up to seven Daily Challenges at any one time.

From simply drawing cards, to winning with snaps, to dominating a location with 10+ power, these missions offer a lot of variety. Although they are all quite simple and require a few games of playtime at most.

Marvel Snap Missions

Marvel / Second Dinner

Daily and weekly missions are the most effective way to earn credits fast in Marvel Snap.

Normally, daily missions offer up to 100 credits each, along with some Season Pass XP. Therefore, completing as many as possible is a surefire way to boost your earnings.

Most importantly, however, is the more lucrative weekly challenge at the top of the page. If you complete at least two daily missions six days out of seven in any given week, you can snag a whopping 650 credits along with 200 gold.

If you’re already trying to play Marvel Snap on a daily basis, this weekly bonus should come naturally and go a long way toward increasing your collection level.

Boost your Marvel Snap Season Pass

Another effective way to earn credits in Marvel Snap is by progressing through the Season Pass. While select rewards are available for free, things get interesting when you progress through the premium track.

Completing all 50 stages in any Season Pass can earn you a total of 2,500 credits. As a bonus, there is also 1,200 gold in the Season Pass, which can then be exchanged for even more credits in the shop if desired.

If you manage to progress through all 50 regular Season Pass tiers, more credits will become available at the end. For each level you reach after completing the pass, 50 bonus credits will be unlocked.

Marvel Snap Season 2 Love and Thunder artwork

Marvel / Second Dinner

Progressing through the latest Season Pass is another great way to accumulate credits in Marvel Snap.

Climb the leaderboard for seasonal rewards

Last but not least, playing well is a great way to ensure that more credits keep coming your way. With Marvel Snap’s current ranking system, with different rewards every 10 levels, a significant amount of credits can be earned simply by leveling up.

Season 2: Thor Love and Thunder alone comes packed into its competition ladder with a total of 1,110 credits. Should you reach the highest ranks, you can claim an additional 500 gold.

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