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There are so many Pokémon out there right now that it’s extraordinarily difficult to monitor how each of these pocket animals is evolving. With over 400 Red and Purple Pokemon, completing this Pokedex is usually an overwhelming undertaking. Luckily, we’re here to help and guarantee you get all the answers you want. This is how you can advance Misdreavus in Pokemon Red and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to evolve Misdreavus into Mismagius
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The most effective way to evolve Misdreavus in Pokemon Red and Violet
Misdreavus evolves in Pokemon Red and Violet when presented with a Nightfall Stone. All you have to do is use the Nightfall Stone on Misdreavus and it will evolve. Misdreavus doesn’t need to be a specific level for the Sunset Stone to work.
Nightfall Stones are something of a unique case in Pokemon Red and Violet, so there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get one. Most importantly, there is a Sunset Stone prize for catching 130 Pokemon in the Pokedex. This is obtained by going to your Pokedex and tapping the X button to open the prize menu. When you have 130, you get a Nightfall Stone.
You can also occasionally find Nightfall Stones that you can buy at Porto Marinada. The trade offers change every day, so if you don’t find it right away, you’ll have to come back later. Pay attention and you will eventually find a Sunset Stone.
In fact, that’s all you should be familiar with to evolve Misdreavus in Pokemon Red and Violet. Check out Prima Games for all Pokemon Red and Violet tips, cheats, and guides. We have many supporting advisors to help you transform into the hero of Paldea territory.
Pokemon Red and Purple Basic Set
The latest set for the Pokemon TCG is coming out in just a few days. The Red and Purple set will be the game’s Age IX prologue, and it brings the Pokemon EX Repairer back to it. These cards can undoubtedly be the center of a deck due to their tremendous detail and powerful impact. To reflect Paldea’s new mechanics, we have the Tera Pokemon-EX expansion, which has the added benefit of not being hit on the seat.
The full set will appear on Walk 31 and prove seriously legit in competitions starting April 14th. However, before we start thinking about these things, let’s examine the full card list for these.
There are also some additional promotional cards that can only be purchased from limited-time backers or from some starter decks.
Spidops (Promotional Supporter Pack)
Arcanine (Promotion Supporter Pack)
Dondozo (Promotional Supporter Pack)
Ampharos ex (Starter Deck Fuecoco and Ampharos)
Mimikyu ex (Starter Deck Quaxly and Mimikyu)
Espathra (Action Supporter Pack)
Lucario ex (Starter Deck Sprigatito and Lucario)
Cyclizar ex (promotion supporter pack)
Decision Belt (Premium Coach Box ex)
Nemona (Quaxly and Mimikyu starter deck)
Quiet Park (Promotion Leisure Center)
Other of these cards will also have some optional variants in this new range, such as the Mysterious Rares, which can be either Full Expressions or Representation Uncommon versions with a new blueprint. The following are the more extraordinary adjustments to the maps.


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