How to defeat Lord Elius in Roblox Arcane Odyssey?

Here is our Roblox Arcane Odyssey guide to beat Lord Elius boss. Check out our simple tips and tricks to complete this challenge.

Arcane Odyssey, the action game by Roblox, is the third installment in the Arcane Universe franchise. The Early Access version of Arcane Odyssey is available and the developers at Vetexgames are working on a full version release. More new features, content and locations are expected in the full version of the game. Arcane Odyssey takes place in a magical fantasy universe and you can play as a fighter, choosing your class and weapons to travel across the islands and seas of war. You must survive and take back your kingdom from dark enemies.

Join your friends and build your empire and clan. You need to regularly upgrade your castle and weapons to level up. Magic and weapons will help you complete missions and battles. A new mission is out and you must defeat and kill Lord Elius’ boss to unlock new missions and rewards in the game. Here is our guide and tips to beat Lord Elius in Arcane Odyssey.

Simple tips and strategies to defeat Lord Elius Boss in Arcane Odyssey

Lord Elius is one of the main bosses in Arcane Odyssey from the Order of Aesir faction. You must go to the Djin Ruins and find him in the south of Cirrus Island. Lord Elius is the younger brother of Lady Carina. Defeat Lord Elius’ boss to save Iris the Anomaly.

Lord Elius has a whopping 1200 HP and the boss has a few movesets and attacks. Here are his moves

  • Stormcaller’s Rain of Arrows: The boss shoots arrows into the sky, which also cover a huge area and deal massive damage. Attacks will increase in the next phase.
  • Thunder Spear Throw – Lord Elius will flip his noble thunder spear and attempt to attack you. This move will also make you bleed for a while.
  • Thunder Rush and Thunder Strike are its other primary attacks. The boss again uses the Noble Thunderspear weapon to swing and attack. The boss also uses a scimitar and unleashes a charged lightning attack. You can block and parry all of these moves to avoid damage.

stage 1

The boss starts the fight by throwing arrows. Use the best weapons and magic to overcome his attacks. Your energy level and health should be above 50 and 500 respectively. This will help you overcome his massive combos and attacks. Use ranged and melee combos along with spells to deal heavy damage to the boss. You can block, dodge, and parry his moves. Unleash projectiles and magic together to attack harder. You can also dodge his AoE and other combos.

Lord Elius Arcane Odyssey

The boss charges his Noble Thunderspear weapon with wind elemental magic and you can parry it again to avoid damage. Use magic to destroy the pillars near him. Use swords and other ranged weapons to attack faster and quickly drain his health and energy. You can continue with the same strategy. Use some magic and ranged weapons to deal more damage. Block his AoE attacks and stay behind the zone.

Reduce his health to 600 points and this will also completely reduce his energy level. Then the boss fight goes into the final phase.

stage 2

Although the boss’s health is reduced to half, you will have a hard time overcoming his moves and strategies. The boss will throw a volley of arrows and use magic, you can stay behind and dodge them. Attacks will be fierce and faster this round. The boss will throw his spear in the air and try to deal heavy damage by predicting your direction. He will swing his weapon and unleash a charged attack. You can block them instead of dodging them. Then use your sword with magic and aim for his knees. Deal more damage and use other magic to confuse the boss.

Avoid his air and scimitar uppercut attacks. The boss uses his lightning magic and deals double damage. He will also teleport to the pillar using lightning magic. The boss also drinks potions and restores 150 of his HP. Then the boss can also get his HP back on himself with a lightning bolt and will do triple damage in an area. Overcoming these can be difficult and difficult. However, you can still attack and use magic to stop his progress. Stun him with your melee combos and deal more damage to drain his energy.

The boss will unleash AoE attacks and damage for a short time, you can parry them. Continuing with the same strategy, use magic to gradually drain his health bar down to zero. Once you reduce his health, the boss fight against Lord Elius Boss will end. Here’s how to complete this challenge.


You’ll also receive rewards as drops, including:

  • Ravenna noble set
  • shroud
  • Cape with collar
  • Noble Thunderspear
  • Scimitar of the Storm
  • Stormcaller

That concludes our boss fight guide for Roblox Arcane Odyssey Lord Elius. Defeat the boss by following our tips and tricks. We’ll be back with more Arcane Odyssey tips and tricks soon.

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