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How to deal damage with a chicken peck in Fortnite

Avian Ambush Week returns with a brand new quest involving dealing damage with a chicken pick Fourteen days. Despite their passive tendencies, chickens are in Fourteen days will fight back against enemies who treat them with hostility. Despite this, many in the community are struggling to figure out how to deal damage with a chicken pick Fourteen days.

With that, follow the instructions given below for a complete walkthrough Fourteen days Avian Ambush Week and earn 20,000 XP.

  • Completing enough quests to complete the bonus objectives will award level up tokens to aid in your journey to unlocking the Fortnite Chrome Punk skin.

Where can I find chickens in Fortnite?

Fortnite Chicken Locations

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Chickens like the warm weather, so you can find a large number of these chickens in the desert biome. However, you can also find them outside of Lustrous Lagoon, Greasy Grove, and Tainted Towers. It’s not uncommon to come across one Fourteen days Chicken in the snow biome, but it’s rare.

How to deal damage with a chicken peck in Fortnite


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Deal damage with a chicken pick Fourteen days, of course you need a chicken. Visit a place where chickens like to frequent, hunt one down and pick it up with two hands to capture it.

With a chicken in hand, the bird will automatically peck at any nearby enemies. To do a chicken peck, you have to get right in the face of an opponent. The chicken will automatically start biting the enemy, dealing minor damage.

Of course, your first thought is probably to hunt down opposing players. Well, that might be the worst way to approach this quest. Unless the enemy player is clueless, they will back down and eliminate you before letting you get close enough to peck them with a chicken.

Instead, you want to target NPCs and wildlife. After all, the challenge doesn’t specify who or what you have to damage with a chicken peck!

The island is littered with dozens of NPCs that you can use as guinea pigs for this quest. Once you’ve tamed a chicken, visit one of the Fourteen days NPC locations in Chapter 3 Season 4. Now anger the NPC by firing a shot at them or hitting them with your pickaxe. Once the NPC is hostile, pick up your chicken again, get closer and let the creature peck away!

Alternatively, if you encounter wolves or wild boars on your travels, you can have your chicken attack these animals and receive credit for the quest.

Avian Ambush Week, and with it this quest, is now active and will run until November 29, 2022 at 14:00 GMT. Don’t miss this chance to earn XP and Level Up Tokens!

That Fortnite break event is just around the corner!

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