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How to create and join crews in Tower of Fantasy

The anime art style and open-world MMORPG experience have been brought together by developers in Tower of Fantasy. We start on Planet of Aida when humanity had to leave the earth because it could no longer be saved. But human greed caused a disaster that made even Aida a difficult place to live.

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The most important aspect of an MMO game is playing with your friends while running around, killing enemies, exploring the world and defeating various world bosses. Aside from forming a team, Crews are another way of doing this, But you must first know how to create or join a crew in Tower of Fantasy.


What are crews

Crews are essentially guilds/clans in Tower Of Fantasy each of which can accommodate up to 150 people. Joining an in-game crew has several advantages, aside from the fact that you have a ton of people to help you whenever you need them.

When you join the crew you can receive honor points through various tasks and donations. There are rewards for reaching a certain number of honor points as a crew. Some of these rewards give you special currency to use crew shop.

Just like any other store The Crew Store offers a variety of items which you can unlock as you level up and exchange them for the special currency. Apart from that, you can also upgrade the base, shop and treasury in the crew, so you will have more rewards, items in the shop, etc.

How to join a crew

Press the Esc key if you are on the keyboard or go to the menu at top right when playing with a controller. Here you go over to crew area. If you can’t see this yet, you need to keep leveling up and advancing in the story.

On this screen you can see different crews on your server with their capacity, motto and leader’s name. To join a specific crew, Just click on request when you have selected this crew. If you don’t have a specific goal, click Apply for everyone to request all teams on the list.

Typically, one of these crews will have auto-join enabled, and you’ll be accepted immediately. You can also check Show only crews with open positions Option to remove full crews, and next to this option to search any crew you want by their name.

If you want to leave a specific crew, go to the “Crewmates” section, where you can press quit crew. If you leave a crew voluntarily, you cannot join another crew for two hours.

How to create a crew

To create a crew you need to spend money 500 Dark Crystals. Unless you have a few people willing to join your crew, it’s quite a waste of that currency as it can be used in the gacha system.

If you want to make another one Go to the Create section at the bottom right of your screen when you are in the crew menu. Here you can choose your logo and enter your crew’s name and motto. Once that’s done, you can Click the Create button again to form your crew.

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