How to create a cow farm in Minecraft?

Cows are without a doubt the most amazing domesticated mob in Minecraft. The cows are friendly, easy to breed, and yield some amazing items. You can get food, leather, and milk from the cows, which acts as an anti-potion element. But it’s usually the crucial time in the game when you can’t find cows near your base. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. You just need to learn how to build a cow farm in minecraft. Once it’s done and stocked, you’ll never have to look for another cow again. Let’s start with that!

Build a cow farm in Minecraft (2022)

We will first cover the mechanics and requirements of building a cow farm in the game. However, if you want to jump to functionality, you can use the table below to do so.

Mechanics of a Minecraft cow farm

Unlike other useful Minecraft farms, Cow Farm cannot be automated – at least not without using Minecraft commands. So you have to put in some effort every now and then to keep your automatic cow farm working. But at the same time, it also implies that cow farms are the easiest to do.

To create a cow farm in Minecraft, you simply need to catch and breed some cows. Once your farm is overflowing with cows, you can kill them to get your rewards. In addition, if you know how to use an Allay in Minecraft, he can take care of the gathering process and instantly make the farm semi-automatic.

Items required to build a cow farm

You need the following items to build a cow farm in Minecraft:

  • Two cows
  • stack of Wheat (as many as possible)
  • A stack of fences (or less, depending on the area)
  • A fence gate

You can easily find two cows within the plains biome and its variants in Minecraft. You can find out about all Minecraft biomes by clicking the link here. They are much more common near villages. The same villages can also help you get wheat. However, you can grow your wheat in Minecraft to get enough of it for your farm.

How to make a fence gate and fence?

Fence (above) and Fence Gates (below) crafting recipe

Only sticks and wooden boards are required for the handicraft recipe of fences and fence gates. You can use any wood to create them. Also, their recipe is somewhat opposite. And thanks to the abundance of wood in Minecraft, you can quickly build a lot of fences.

How to create a cow farm in Minecraft?

Follow the steps below to quickly and easily build a cow farm and get various resources in Minecraft:

1. First, find an open area that is at least 4×4 blocks. It is best not to choose a cold biome to avoid collecting snow on your farm.

Open space for cow farm

2. Then, create a Border around this area with fences. Then add a fence door to the border to enter the farm and transport cows.

Cow farm fence border How to make a cow farm in minecraft?

3. Next use Wheat for the cows to follow you and let them enter the farm area. You only need two cows to get started, but more is just better.

Baiting cows with wheat

4. Next, to activate the farm, holding a piece of wheat and stand outside the yard. The cows will move towards you as soon as they notice the wheat.

Mistaking a wheat for a cow How to build a cow farm in Minecraft

5. When the cows approach, you must feed them with wheat so that the cows breed. Once both cows are fed, you will see a cow spawn. It takes 20 minutes for the baby cow to grow into an adult cow. And it only takes 5 minutes for the cows to be ready to hatch again. So if you get the timing right, you can get a lot of cows in no time.

How to create a cow farm in Minecraft?

Automatically kill cows to collect XP and items

In cow farms, most Minecraft players usually take up swords and kill as many cows as they want. It is usually a needs-based measure. However, if you don’t save some of them, you’ll have to start from scratch. In any case, if you want to improve the killing process, here are the steps you can take:

1. First, place solid blocks outside the fence perimeter.

Boundary of blocks around the fence

2. Then place water in a corner of the yard. This creates a flow of water that pushes the cows to a corner of the farm.

Flowing water

3. In the corner where the water takes the cows, Replace the corner block with a funnel and its surrounding blocks with magma blocks.

Collector of cow booty

4. Now any cow that reaches this corner will die from the damage done by magma blocks. Your dropped items will be collected via the hopper in the chest.

Cow farm kills cows in minecraft

The method mentioned above is the most efficient for killing multiple cows at once. Whenever you want to stop, you just have to remove the placed water to stop the flow of cows.

frequently asked Questions

How are the cows automatically bred?

Unfortunately, there is no way in vanilla Minecraft to feed the cows automatically and thus breed them. But you can use Minecraft mods to get this feature.

How big should a cow farm be in Minecraft?

The size of the cow farm depends on your requirements. You can start small and slowly expand it over time.

Can donors feed mobs?

Dispensers can only throw food as an item. It cannot feed the mobs even if they stand by. But it’s a highly requested feature that we hope will be included in the Minecraft 1.20 update.

How to get seeds to grow wheat in Minecraft?

Wheat seeds are the most common in the game. You can get them by breaking not only wheat, but even regular grass.

Create your own cow farm in Minecraft 1.19

With that, you now have everything you need to create a perfect cow farm in Minecraft. It is much easier to craft than other farms in the game. But it also offers a lot of scope for experimentation. Even if you’re a beginner, you can try out wild mechanics with the cow farm, and the best Minecraft maps are the perfect place to get inspiration. But in case you want to level up, you should try to build a sculk farm in minecraft before anything else. Not only is it new, but it’s also unique in terms of Minecraft farms. That being said, what other mob farm do you think is useful for survival players? Tell us in the comments below!

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