How to create a circle in Minecraft

Whether you build structures in survival or creative, knowing how to make circles Minecraft may come in handy. You may construct a circular spiral tower as a vantage point for your home base. Alternatively, you can try making a solid mural and circles is a pattern you want in the picture. Thanks to the sharp edges and cube shape, it’s easy to turn blocks into squares. However, knowing how to make a perfect one encircle Minecraft can be a challenge.

Creating a Minecraft circular pattern

Block circle in minecraft

Image source: YouTube/MegRae

You have two main options to create one Minecraft Circle Patterns without console commands: the “X-Method” or free online tools. Although it doesn’t have an official name, the X method involves creating an X shape, using the lines of the X as the diameter of the circle. Conversely, you can find several Minecraft circle generators and even Minecraft Ball Generators on the Internet.


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Make a circle using the X method

Creating a Minecraft circular pattern

Image via The Nerd Stash

This X method of creating circles in the Minecraft Game does not require any additional tools and is easy to make. You can follow the steps below for a variety of circle sizes:

  1. Lay down a block that will serve as the center of your circle.
  2. Extend several straight lines from the center and create an X. The number of blocks on all sides must be the same.
  3. Add four sides to the edges of the X. The number will differ slightly from the size of the circle.
  4. Connect the side with diagonal lines to create the circle.

Pixel circle generator by Donat Studios

Make a perfect circle in Minecraft

Image via The Nerd Stash

On the other hand, you can use the Pixel circle/oval generator by Donat Studios to make a perfect circle Minecraft in your name.

  1. Determine the width and height of your circle.
  2. After that you can choose a thin or thick border. Based on our experience with the thick option, we recommend selecting thin for a cleaner, more rounded look.
  3. Create the in-game Minecraft Pie chart pixel graphics in your browser by placing the number of blocks displayed on each side.

Plotz Kugel generator

Plotz model selection for Minecraft

Image source: Plotz model selection | Screenshot via The Nerd Stash

Creating a 3D sphere in Minecraft is exponentially heavier than a 2D circle. Fortunately, we can use Plotz Kugel generator by Plotz Model Selection to easily customize the shape to our liking.

  1. Choose a size by sliding the bottom bar from 8 to 256.
  2. Use the sidebar on the right to view the 3D interior and exterior of the sphere.
  3. Press 2D in the top left at any time to see the shape in a 2D view.

If you are interested in one Minecraft Circle Guide with Command Blocks, you should check out BlueMods YT’s tutorial on the subject:

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.


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