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How to complete Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2

Be amazed is one of several King’s Fall Raid challenges in Destiny 2.

This optional challenge takes place during the Golgoroth boss fight near the midpoints of the King’s Fall Raid and puts an extra strain on your fireteam’s coordination, but if you and your team are up to the task, there will be twice as many rewards waiting for you after defeating the boss.

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What is Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2?

In order to complete the Gaze Amaze challenge, the Gaze holders must do so stand in a cone of light when Golgoroth’s gaze is taken from them.

Two gaze holders will take turns holding Golgoroth’s gaze, so they must be the ones coordinating the switch. All others deal boss damage as usual.

This must happen every time Golgoroth’s Gaze is traded, and a single failure means the challenge has failed.

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Tips for completing Gaze Amaze in Destiny 2

Golgoroth is the second boss of King’s Fall and divides your team into two roles. During the damage phase, a group of four guards focus on damaging the boss while two players take turns locking their gaze. Amazement requires that The player holding Golgoroth’s gaze stands in the cone of light when the gaze is stolen by the other gaze holder.

This requires minimal change in the gauze holder’s responsibilities. As the timer approaches zero, the player holding the gaze jumps into the cone of light with the rest of the firefighting team. The other gaze holder takes the gaze and then does the same as the timer approaches zero. Do this every time for every trade, and the challenge will complete once the boss falls.

If you need help elsewhere in the raid, check out our full King’s Fall guide.

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