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How to complete Football Frenzy challenges

After four long years of waiting, the FIFA World Cup has finally started and all football fans around the world follow every single match with a passion to see the journey of 32 countries fighting for the biggest title in the world of football. To celebrate this major sporting event, Epic Games has added a new series of Football Frenzy Challenges Fourteen days, and here’s how to complete them in-game.

How to complete Football Frenzy challenges in Fortnite

The 2022 FIFA World Cup taking place in Qatar is the hottest topic on social media. While the tournament has always been one of the most important sporting events, held every four years, this time there was much controversy.

The biggest controversy surrounding the 2022 World Cup stems from the restriction voiced towards the LGBTQ+ community and players were not given permission to wear the rainbow flag bracelet in support of LGBTQ+.

How to complete Football Frenzy Challenges in Fortnite

So Epic Games added a new set called Let Them Know to allow the LGBTQ+ community to express themselves without fear. There’s also a set of challenges known as the Football Frenzy and the free cosmetic spray.

There are six Football Frenzy challenges to complete Fourteen days. For each quest, the player will receive 20,000 XP, and players only have until December 3, 2022 to complete all quests. Here is the full list of Football Frenzy challenges:

  • Eliminate three opponents in a single match
  • Hit an opposing player from over 75 meters away
  • Land on a soccer field and finish in the top ten in a single game
  • Slide and dance within 10 seconds after a goal
  • Visit two soccer fields in a single game
  • Score a goal in two different games

The first two quests have nothing to do with soccer and can be easily achieved. It is recommended to use a long-range weapon like the sniper rifle to hit enemies from a distance of 75 meters.

For the rest of the challenges you need to know the location of at least two soccer fields. There are four soccer fields in total Fourteen days. One is northeast of Shiny Sound, the other is northwest of Reality Tree, the third is on the north side of Fort Jones near the coast, and the last one is on the east side of Synapse Station.


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Once you know the location of these soccer fields, the challenges become relatively easy. To score a goal, all you have to do is slowly move towards the ball and push it into the goal to score. And make sure you slide and dance right away to complete the third challenge as well.

Fourteen days is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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