How to complete every London side quest in Roblox World of Stands

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When you start playing Roblox World Of Stands, the main quest in London and New York, will be your main source of leveling up. These quests aren’t particularly long, however, and the game has a number of side quests in the former area that will keep you busy for a long time.

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To get these side quests, you can try to find and talk to people with a blue exclamation mark on their heads. In this dialogue they tell you what to do and you can get experience and gold by completing the quests.

Pruning the Bushes Quest

Roblox World Of Stands Lazy gardener with goons in the background

The first side quest you’re likely to come across is the one that the Lazy Gardener gives you. This NPC is is located on the side of the huge mansion in London where you need to get the key at the beginning of the main quest. If you talk to her, she will ask you to cut three bushes in the area.


Go past the black gate next to the gardener and You’ll see a row of four small bushes on the far right edge. You can hit these bushes with normal attacks or AoE skills from your stalls to deal damage. Once you get rid of three of these bushes you can talk to the gardener and complete the quest.

The search for the old man

Roblox World Of Stands Art Old Lady Quest Giver

Just outside the main gates of the London mansion, You will find a friendly old lady on your left with an exclamation mark on his head. If you talk to her, she will tell you that she is worried about her husband. She will mention that her husband probably went behind the mansion and that he is forgetful and lost.

Roblox World Of Stands fence in London mansion

After accepting the quest, go to the alley in the middle of the two mansions and you will find a black fence blocking the path, but you can just jump over it. Jump over and turn left once you reach the back of the area, and You’ll find a structure with a ladder on one of its sides.

Roblox World Of Stands ladder behind London Mansion

Climb this ladder and climb onto the smaller structure and you’ll see a path ahead. Reach the end of this platform and turn around. One level above your location is another platform that you can jump to. Go there and use the wooden crates to get to the top of the building and you’ll find the old man sitting on the right side.

Finding Three Boys Quest

Roblox World of Stands affects mother location

For the third quest you can Head straight out of the main gate of the London Mansion and you’ll find the affected mother on the left, as shown in the picture above. She will tell you about her three notorious sons and will mention that you can probably find them in high places in London.

Roblox World Of Stands location of the first boy in the mansion

To find the first boy, go back through the mansion’s main gate and look to the right. You see the boy standing on a huge wooden box. Talk to him and he will walk away and make the count one in three.

Roblox World Of Stands Ladders in an alley

To find the second boy Walk back out of the mansion area and go to the alley on the right. As you go further in, you’ll see another structure with ladders on the side, next to a bounty hunter persona. Climb those ladders and you’ll find a wooden plank attached to the adjacent building when you get to the top.

Roblox World Of Stands: Second Boy Location

Jump on this board and Go up the building to find the second boy.

Roblox World Of Stands Third Boy Location

If you go to Robert (the person who gave you the task of defeating his gang members in London’s main quest), you can see the third boy right behind him. However, you cannot reach the platform from there. Go up the structure in front of Robert and go all the way around the building where you found his hat.

From this building, jump onto the boy’s platform and talk to him. Robert will also give you a small side quest where you simply have to defeat three of his gang members again.

Follow the path quest

Roblox World of Stands Rugby Coach Location

On the right hand side of the villa’s main entrance you will find a rugby coach behind some racquets and a strong racquet. This trainer will give you a special quest that will take you through a long journey. During this quest you will have several circles at a certain distance from each other that work like checkpoints.

You must go through each of these circles and reach the last one before Dio’s Castle before time runs out. This quest will also have you climbing both ladder structures in the two alleys.

Flyer posting quest

Roblox World Of Stands John G Medal location

Continue through the street in front of the mansion’s main door and You will find John G. Legend on the left in the part where another street crosses the street you are on. He will ask for your help to spread the word about his new product by placing three flyers in three different places.

Roblox World Of Stands First Flyer Location

The first plane is across the street as shown in the picture above. Approach the shiny dot and interact with it to place the flyer. Once that’s done, continue walking down the street that takes you away from the main house and you’ll find the second location on the right as you pass the crosswalk.

The third flyer is near the park entrance where you will find Evil Vampires. This is behind John G. Legend on the right. After completing this quest you will receive a bean. Bring this bean to the roof of the building near Robert and Give it to the person above to get a standing arrow.

Hidden vampire quest

Roblox World Of Stands Reworked Man

Across the street from where you found John G. Legend you will find a London Tourist as shown in the image above. She will tell you that a vampire in human form is hiding in the area and ask you to find her. You just have to talk to the overworked man shown in the picture.

You can find him by following the road away from the villa and you will see him on the right. Talk to London Tourist after talking to the man and the quest will end.

Student ID Quest

Roblox World Of Stands Mourning Woman

On the left side of the part where the evil vampires are, you will find a grieving mother who will tell you that she lost her son to the vampires. She will also ask you to defeat a vampire and get her son’s student ID. All you have to do is defeat an evil vampire to get this badge and give it back to her to complete the quest.

After completing this quest, the exclamation mark on her head will turn pink. You can always accept these pink quests and earn experience and gold on a regular basis. For this quest, you can get as many IDs as you can and give them to her for a higher reward.

Get crate quest

Roblox World Of stands busy businessman

On the right side of Vampire Park you will find a person dressed in black named Busy Businessman. He will give you a special quest that will also turn pink after you complete it for the first time. If you accept this quest, go into the alley next to the quest giver and keep walking until you reach the bridge that will take you to New York.

Go into the alley in front of you and Behind the alley you’ll find some crates surrounded by three Strong Thugs. You’ll have to interact with the crate in the center to take it, then defeat three strong thugs without getting knocked down. If you do this successfully, you can deliver the box to the businessman and complete the quest.

Destroy Crates Quest

Roblox World of Stands quest giver

This is the last side quest in London and you can find it in the left alley when looking at the bridge that takes you to London. After talking to the person dressed in brown, you will be asked to destroy some boxes. Head into the alley in front and you’ll find some crates on the right.

Attack these crates with your normal attacks or AoE abilities to destroy them and talk to the person again to complete the quest.

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