NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Buying a used vehicle can be overwhelming, and buying a used electric vehicle (EV) is no different. We stopped by a certified used electric vehicle dealership in Middle Tennessee for advice if you’re in the market.

The used electric vehicle market is booming, but before you head to the dealership, there are a few things you should know. Hybrid Electric Car Sales in Franklin has a checklist for consumers in the EV market. “First you need a shop that can educate you,” says Chip Geppi, the owner.

Then, says Geppi, you should make an appointment, not just come. Before driving, tell the dealer to fully charge the vehicle. “That’s imperative because you want to see what the car’s max range is, when you see it, when it’s on half a charge you’ll never be able to figure out how long that battery is going to be.”

Then compare that number to the EPA rating. Another check point for batteries, check the warranty before you buy it. Replacing a battery in an electric vehicle can be very, very expensive.

Next, make sure the company provides written inspections and battery reports.

“Every manufacturer can draw a battery report for the car. There are after-market tools that you can use to get information about the car’s battery life,” says Geppi. “If they don’t have those tools and they can’t provide that report, you don’t want to buy this car.”

Now you can visit the dealer and test drive. Make sure there are no warning lights on the dashboard.

Geppi also says you should consider your lifestyle and what kind of access you have to a charger. Will you have one at home in your garage or will you go to a public place to charge it? Also check that the vehicle has the correct charging accessories.

Once you have decided on the car, have a pre-purchase inspection carried out by a third party. “You want to see the greasy fingerprints of the technician who searched the car and his notes on it, that’s what you want to see,” says Geppi.

Finally, check for current tax credits for up to $4,000 or 30% of the sale price. “It has to be used, it has to be bought from a retailer and it has to be a plug-in model. So the battery has to be of a certain size,” says Geppi. “So a normal hybrid like a Prius wouldn’t qualify. But if it fits, it qualifies.”

Now you’re primed and ready to ask the right questions to find the perfect EV for you. For more information on selling hybrid electric cars click here.


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