British Muslims react to report about their 'sympathy' for IS BBC News
British Muslims react to report about their 'sympathy' for IS BBC News from


In Islam, cats are considered to be one of the cleanest animals and are highly regarded. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had a cat named Muezza, and according to Islamic tradition, he would often let the cat sit on his lap while he gave sermons.

Importance of Proper Burial

When a cat dies, it is important to give it a proper burial. In Islam, burying a cat is considered to be a good deed and is believed to bring blessings to the person who performs the act.

Preparing for the Burial

Before burying the cat, it is important to clean the body and remove any dirt or debris. The body should then be wrapped in a clean cloth, such as a white sheet.

Finding a Suitable Location

When burying a cat, it is important to find a suitable location that is away from any human or animal traffic. The burial site should be in a secluded area and should not be disturbed.

The Burial Process

When burying the cat, the body should be placed in the ground with the face towards the Qiblah (the direction of Mecca). The body should then be covered with dirt and a small mound should be created over the grave.

Saying a Prayer

It is recommended to say a short prayer when burying the cat. The prayer can be as simple as saying “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah) before covering the body with dirt.

Mourning Period

After the burial, it is important to observe a mourning period of three days. During this time, it is recommended to refrain from any unnecessary activities and to focus on remembering Allah.

Islamic View on Animal Welfare

In Islam, animals are regarded as important creatures that should be treated with kindness and respect. Islam teaches that humans have a responsibility to take care of animals and to treat them with compassion.


Burying a cat in Islam is an important act of kindness towards an animal that is highly regarded in Islamic tradition. By following the proper burial procedure and observing the mourning period, one can gain blessings and remember the importance of animal welfare in Islam.

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