Do you want to know how to craft a Tannery? Smalland: Survive the wilderness? As you progress through the story of Smalland: Survive the wilderness, you have to travel, explore and craft a lot, but not everything can be crafted in the base workbench or inventory. For example, Stonecutter allows you to create mid-game quality tools from flint, and Loom and Spindle allow you to create silk thread or textile patches. But to refine some materials obtained from lizards Smalland: Survive the wildernessyou need to craft a tannery and today we are going to tell you how to do it.

How to build a tannery in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

To create a Tannery Smalland: Survive the wildernessyou have to use the stonemason and collect the following materials: Fiber, Refined woodAnd flint. It’s worth noting that you can’t get them all at the beginning of your journey, since you’ll need different tools a little later in the story. But if you are familiar with all of the above materials, here is the tannery recipe and a little reminder on how to get the ingredient:

  • fiber x5. To get Fiber, cut off some plants, grasses, or seedlings. even one wooden ax will be enough for this task, so you have probably known this material for a long time.
  • Refined Wood x10. You cannot find this material in the wild and you must craft it yourself. To do this, you need to collect some Wood And seed oil and combine them into a stonemason.
  • Flint x10. To find Flint, you must travel to south coast the game world and search black boulders protrude from the sand. Smash them with the Mandible Pickaxeand you get as many flints as you need.


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Once you’ve gathered all the materials, use the Stonemason and create a Tannery. As we’ve said before, this machine will help you process some materials, but you probably won’t be using it too often.

That’s all you need to know to craft a Tannery Smalland: Survive the wilderness. Although going further it is not the more important machine smalland, it is a transition phase between Stonecutter and Loom&Spindle. Additionally, any tool can come in handy sooner or later, and you can’t do without Tannery if you want winged armor.

Smalland: Survive the wilderness is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


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