How to build a base

dead side combines hardcore multiplayer shooting with crafting and survival elements to present players with a unique challenge. There’s more than incoming bullets for the player to think about as the player scrapes together the food and water necessary to survive. Eventually the player will remember to build a base to protect him.

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base building dead side may seem odd compared to base building in other games. Staking out a claim, gathering the necessary resources, and building it can be a complicated process. However, if the player knows what they’re getting into, there’s no reason they can’t build the perfect base to keep enemies at bay.


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Stake A claim

Before the player can start construction, he must claim a piece of land. Although it’s easy to claim land once the player has found a good spot, Finding a suitable location can be difficult. For a base to be good, it needs to be away from landmarks that draw attention to it and away from players who might try to raid it. dead side may not be one of the longest survival games, but players still need some staying power.

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Once the player has found a suitable location, they can establish a land claim in the crafting menu. The player can then enter their inventory, right click on the land claim and click use. This will create a character in front of the player. If the outline of the mark is red, the player cannot claim land in that area. If the outline is green, the land can be claimed. Once the player has claimed it, the building process can begin.

construction day

In some survival games, the player can smash buildings straight onto bare earth and have a settlement in no time. Construction is more complicated in Deadside, a factor that makes this underrated survival title more challenging. Once the player has a land claim, they must construct a framework that will serve as the foundation of their base.

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The best survival games give the player choices. Multiple scaffolds are available, and depending on which type the player has chosen, they may need to build a second scaffold on top of the first so walls can then be built. Once the scaffolding is complete, the player must craft a deck. This will act as the bottom of the base.

Which frame the player chooses is a matter of personal taste: larger scaffolds contain preset positions for walls and for building a second floor. Some players will prefer the greater storage space and utility of a larger base, while others will prefer the lower profile and easier maintenance of a smaller base.

How big to build

Unless the player intends to use the base for much other than surviving the brutal world around it, it doesn’t need to be large or elaborate. Even if the player desires a more sophisticated facility in the future, something prevents them from building something quickly and easily first and then using that small base as a seed from which a larger building project can grow.

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While Walheim Players may need to know how to build elaborate camps in which to role play and base dead side are useful: they exist as glorified storage containers where players can securely store their loot, keeping it out of the hands of thieves and looters. A player can spend as much or as little time on their base as they like, and if it’s invaded, destroyed, or the player just doesn’t feel like doing the job, keeping it in the Safe Zone is always an option.

dead side is now available for PC.

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