How to breed any animal in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is constantly expanding and changing, bringing new adventures and opportunities for players to explore. Amidst all the different features and game mechanics, animal husbandry remains one of the most popular and important aspects of the game.

Whether you’re raising cows for milk and meat, chickens for eggs and feathers, or rabbits for their cute little faces, the process of raising animals is crucial for anyone looking to get the most out of their Minecraft experience.

As we look to the future of Minecraft, it’s clear that animal husbandry will continue to play an important role in the game. Here’s everything players need to know.

How players can breed any animal in Minecraft

First things first: It is important to understand the basics of animal husbandry in Minecraft. To breed animals you must have two of the same species and feed them their preferred food. For example, cows love wheat, pigs love carrots, and chickens love seeds. Once you feed them, they will go into “love mode” and produce a baby animal.

Minecraft is a game that allows players to explore a vast world full of unique creatures and characters. One of the key elements of the game is breeding mobs. This allows players to create new and stronger versions of certain creatures, or simply increase the population of their favorite animals. In this article we are going to take a closer look at all breedable mobs in Minecraft.


The Axolotl is a new addition to Minecraft in the Caves and Cliffs update. Players can breed these cute amphibians by feeding them tropical fish. Breeding two axolotls together will result in a new baby axolotl with a combination of the parents’ colors.


Bees can be bred with flowers in Minecraft. When two bees are bred, they produce a baby bee that follows its parents and helps pollinate flowers.


Cats can be bred by feeding two tamed cats some raw cod or salmon. The newborn kitten belongs to the same cat breed as its parents.


Camels are peaceful mobs found in desert biomes in Minecraft. They can be tamed and ridden with a saddle, but they can also be bred into baby camels. To breed camels in Minecraft you need to give two adult camel cacti.


If you feed seeds to two chickens, they will reproduce. Newly hatched chicks follow their parents and continue to grow into adult chickens.


Two adult cows can be raised by feeding them wheat. This leads to the birth of a baby cow, also called a calf.


Players can breed two adult donkeys by feeding them golden apples or golden carrots. The resulting foal will be a baby donkey.


To breed two foxes in Minecraft, players need to give them sweet berries. After mating, they produce a baby fox that helps collect items once it grows into an adult.


Frogs can be bred by feeding slime balls to two of them. They will produce tadpoles that will eventually grow into adult frogs.


Goats can be bred in Minecraft by feeding two of them wheat. The baby goat follows its parents and can be milked as soon as it grows up.


Hoglins can be bred in Minecraft by feeding them Crimson Mushrooms. Players can breed two adult Hoglins together and produce a baby Hoglin.


Horses can be bred by feeding two adult horses golden apples or golden carrots. Also known as a foal, the baby horse has stats similar to its parents but must be tamed before it can be ridden.


Llamas can be bred by feeding two adult animals wheat. The baby llama follows its parents and can be used to transport objects.


To breed Mooshrooms, players must give wheat to two of them. The resulting baby mooshroom will be just as unique as its parents, with a variety of patterns on its fur.


Players can breed ocelots in Minecraft by feeding two of them raw fish. The resulting kitten will have the same pattern as its parents.


In order to breed pandas, players must give them bamboo. When two pandas mate, they produce a baby panda that grows into an adult and has a unique personality.


Pigs can be bred in Minecraft by feeding them carrots, potatoes or beetroot. The resulting piglets will follow their parents and can be ridden once they are adults.


Polar Bears can be bred by feeding two adult salmon. The polar bear cub will grow up to be just as strong as its parents.


Rabbits can be bred by feeding two adult carrots, potatoes, or dandelions. The baby rabbit follows its parents and can be used to collect food.


To breed sheep, players must give two adult wheat. The baby sheep has the same wool color as its parents.


Sniffers are the latest mob to join the ranks. Their favorite food is the new torch flower, which they can use their powerful noses to dig up seeds for. By feeding two adult torchflowers, players can breed a baby sniffer, called a sniffer.


Striders can be bred by feeding two of them distorted mushrooms. The resulting Baby Walker can be used for transportation in the lava-filled Nether.


Turtles can be bred by feeding two of them seaweed. The baby turtle will eventually grow up and lay eggs of its own.


Players can breed villagers by giving them plenty of food and making sure they have a home to live in – as well as enough beds for everyone (minimum three). The resulting baby villagers grow up and players can trade them for valuable items.


Players can breed wolves by feeding two of them any type of meat. The resulting pup will be just as loyal and supportive as their parents.

Breeding is an easy way to get more of a specific mob

Breeding mobs is a fun way to grow your animal population, create new and interesting creatures, and take advantage of the unique traits each mob has to offer. With so many different breedable mobs in the game, players are sure to find a favorite and enjoy watching their family of creatures grow over time.

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