How to beat Sierra from Pokémon GO in March 2023 –

Sierra returns Pokemon GO in March 2023 to try to take over the world through his corrupted Pokémon.

Come on Pokemon Those that Sierra will be fighting this month have a dark aura, and you must defeat them to purify them. However, you must first get to know the team that this evil Team GO Rocket leader will try to use to take you down first.

Therefore, in this guide we explain everything you need to know Defeat Sierra in Pokémon GO in March 2023.F

how to find Sierra In Pokemon GO

The first thing you need to find Sierra Pokemon GO in March 2023, involves defeating a bunch of Team GO Rocket recruits. You can complete the first two pages of Shadowy Skirmishes to earn a Radar Missile that will take you to Sierra.

Every recruit of Team GO Rocket will drop a mystery piece after defeating it. With six parts you can create a rocket radar. This device can locate the leaders of evil Sierra, Arlo j cliff. Here’s a guide to defeating all of Team GO Rocket’s recruits.

With the radar in your hands, it’s all about getting your team ready for battle and off to find what’s dangerous Sierra.

Sierra Pokemon GO March

how to defeat Sierra from Pokemon GO in March 2023

Coaches have their own way of dealing with it Sierra by Pokémon GO in March 2023. It’s possible to use the strongest Pokemon in this meta, but it’s best to use the specific counters that exploit the villain’s weaknesses.

Something to keep in mind is that after the first battle against Sierra, its next Pokemon follows is chosen at random. Therefore, you need a balanced team that can hold its own in all circumstances. For that, you need to focus on it the weaknesses in Sierra’s team that you can use in battle.

If you have doubts about terminologies like “types”, “resistant” and “weak”; We encourage you to visit our Pokémon GO Types Chart. Also remember that boosted variants of your Pokemon help you deal more damage, including Mega Evolved and Dark variants.

Sierra Pokemon GO March

In view of the dark Beldum

the fight against Sierra in Pokémon GO in March 2023 will start with a dark Beldum first.

Beldum is a small but resilient Pokémon, Steel, and Psychic type. You should focus on exploiting his weaknesses with Fire, Dark, Earth, and Spirit attacks, from which he takes 160% damage.

Some great options are as follows:

Giratina: Shadow Claw and Shadow StrikeReshiram: Fiery Fang and SmotherChandelure: Fire Spin and Shadow BallTyranitar: Bite and FrustrationCharizard: Fire Spin and Fiery RingGengar: Lick and Shadow BallDragapult: Misfortune and Shadow BallVolcarona: Fire Spin and SuffocationBlaziken: Fire Spin and Fiery RingDarkrai: Scream and Shadow Ball Hoopa: Impress and Shadow Ball Entei: Fiery Fang and Suffocation Weavile: Scream and Foul Play

Sierra Pokemon GO March

Sierra’s second Pokemon

As a second opponent on the part Seen in Pokemon GO You will have a random monster between Flygon, Lapras and Sharpedo. Whatever it is, it will be in its dark version.

flygon It is a dragon and ground type. It is weak against Dragon and Fairy attacks and much weaker against Ice-type attacks (256% damage). On the other hand, it is resistant to Poison, Stone, and Fire types. It’s also immune to Electric-type Pokémon.

These recommendations will help you beat Flygon with ease:

Mamoswine: Dusty Snow and AvalancheArticuno: Icy Mist and Ice WindAbomasnow: Dusty Snow and Meteorball (Ice)Alola Ninetales: Dusty Snow and Meteorball (Ice)Glaceon: Icy Shard and Ice BeamTogekiss: Charm and Magical GlowFlorges: Faerie Wind and Alluring VoiceMewtu: Psycho Slash and Ice Beam Reshiram: Dragon Breath and Dragon Comet Rayquaza: Dragon Tail and Overheat

Sierra Pokemon GO March

lapras It’s a Water and Ice-type Pokémon, so you can exploit its weaknesses with Fighting, Grass, Electric, and Rock attacks. Some very strong Pokemon that these types take advantage of are as follows:

Terrakion: Double Kick and Holy SwordKartana: Sharp Blade and Sharp BladeXurkitree: Thundershock and SparkPheromosa: Low Kick and True WaveLucario: Counterattack and Aural SphereRampardos: Anti-Aircraft and AvalancheMagnezone: Spark and Cruel VoltConkeldurr: Counterattack and Dynamic FistMachamp: Counterattack and Dynamic FistCobalion: Double kick and holy sword

Sharpedo For its part, it is of the Water and Dark type, so the counters of Lapras will serve you here. This is because they both share three weaknesses: Fighting, Grass, and Electric types. Sharpedo is also weak against the Fairy and Bug types.

Counter for the third random Pokemon

Sierra’s final pick in Pokémon GO in March will randomly be between Alakazam, Houndoom, and Shiftry. Therefore, you must prepare for an encounter with their dark versions.

Houndoom is a Dark and Fire-type Pokémon. It is weak against combat, ground, rock, and water attacks. It is also resistant to Ghost, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, and Darkness types. Finally, it is immune to Psychic types.

These are some of the best counters to defeat him:

Conkeldurr: Counter Strike and Dynamic PunchTerrakion: Double Kick and Holy SwordOmastar: Mud Shot and AvalanchePheromosa: Low Kick and True WaveRegirock: Lock Target and Sharp RockLucario: Counter Strike and Aural SphereSwampert: Mud Shot and Hydro CannonKyogre: Waterfall and Hydro PumpMachamp: Counter Strike and Dynamic Punch Mega Gyarados: Dragon Tail and Aqua Tail

Shiftry is a Grass and Dark-type Pokémon. It has interesting weaknesses like Fighting, Fire, and Flying types. Most important, however, are the types of bugs, which are related to 256% of the year.

Here are some interesting suggestions:

Tyranitar: Anti Air and CrushLucario: Counter Strike and Aural SphereMachamp: Counter Strike and Dynamic PunchPheromosa: Sting and BuzzVolcarona: Sting and BuzzVikavolt: Sting and Scissors XScizor: Fury Slash and Scissors XGenesect: Fury Slash and Scissors XEscavalier: Sting and MegahornPinsir: Sting and Scissors XDarmintan: Fiery Fang and SuffocationReshiram: Fiery Fang and SuffocationKartana: Sting and Buzz


Finally, Pokémon GO Dark’s Sierra could choose Alakazam to end the battle.

Alakazam is a Psychic-type that has a weakness to Ghost, Dark, and Bug-types. This means you can use the bug-type that has served you well against Shiftry. Other alternatives are:

Gengar: Lick and Shadow BallGiratina: Shadow Claw and Shadow StrikeTyranitar: Anti-Air and CrushHydreigon: Dragon Breath and Fel SpinObstagoon: Counter Strike and Shadow SlashDragapult: Misfortune and Shadow BallDarkrai: Scream and Shadow BallChandelure: Misfortune and Shadow Ball


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