How to beat Gun Taurus in Metal Max Xeno Reborn

Metal Max Xeno reborn has many WANTED monsters: bosses that are difficult to defeat but offer a colossal gold reward when defeated. Unfortunately, most of them are unstoppable unless you’ve built a full party.

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Luckily, a boss who pistol bull, is manageable alone. Gun Taurus is an easy to target WANTED monster because you will have the environment around the Ariake west channel To help you. Feeling wobbly in your combat boots? Do not worry! We show you how it works.


What do you need to know about Gun Taurus?

Gun Taurus is the least intimidating of all early stage WANTED monsters. In return, the monster has a small bounty of 15,000g. Still, 15,000 G is nothing to sneeze at, especially early in the campaign. Gun Taurus looks like the tanks you’ll encounter under the flyovers leading to the canal. However, Gun Taurus has a tan paint job and a single green eye between its two guns.

The WANTED data on Gun Taurus is rather vague. Here are his notes:

“No relevant data found in recorded logs. All the evidence points to you needing a vehicle with high HP and serious firepower. Find out how to defeat it yourself.”

Luckily, since defeating this mechanical beast, we’ve dug up more information about Gun Taurus in the monster library. Here are some stats you should know:

  • Offered EXP: 400
  • Gold Reward (Without Bounty): 428G
  • Dropped Items:
    • bull core
    • Crimson Bull
    • kill core
  • Resistors:
    • 75% resistance to cold attacks

Where can you find Gun Taurus?

After entering the Tsukiji Ruins, head southeast under a series of overpasses and be prepared to face hordes of unmanned tanks on your way. You might want to schedule a drive to clear the path of tanks. This allows you to travel back to the Iron Base and recover, then approach the Gun Taurus with full SP. After the last overpass, turn left and you will see the channel where Gun Taurus is hiding.

However, once you find Gun Taurus, you must avoid a confrontation and retreat as quickly as possible. At this point, your goal is to travel to the other side of the canal. Then continue to Large atrium outside. If you cover the extra distance, you can disembark at a more convenient location on your next trip. This new deployment point is essential, as you’ll take a few hits the first time you go down the canal as you cruise past Gun Taurus.

What Weapons Should You Equip?

When preparing to fight Gun Taurus, focus on equipping weapons with high attack power. Guns and SEs are best. However, it’s always beneficial to have at least one machine gun equipped in case your other guns run out of ammo.

In addition, we strongly recommend equipping the double rush property chip. This microchip enables an attack in which the weapons from port one and port two are fired simultaneously. So, if you equip two powerful cannons in the first two ports, you will get a powerful attack with the Double Rush chip installed.

Since cold weapons are less effective against Gun Taurus, it’s best to avoid them. For example, we were able to take out the monster with a dual attack of a non-elemental cannon and Freeze Blast. However, defeating Gun Taurus with this weapon combination took a lot of time.

We also recommend upgrading your tank’s engine in the Sally Garage. This increases your loading capacity, which has a positive effect on SP.

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How to defeat Gun Taurus

You’ll notice an area of ​​crates that overlooks the Ariake West Canal. If you U-turn out of the canal, you’ll find an effective hiding place behind the crates above the Gun Taurus. There is a small opening where you can aim the Gun Taurus and begin your attack. This opening is the key to bringing down the monster.

Your fight with Gun Taurus will proceed as follows. First, attack Gun Taurus from the opening in the crates. Then Gun Taurus will get in touch with you. Instead of keeping shooting, quickly turn your tank away from Gun Taurus until it can’t find you. Your battle with the monster is interrupted before the monster can land an attack.

Once you understand this cycle of attack and retreat, do it multiple times. You’ll have to exercise patience while slowly draining Gun Taurus’ HP. Using Double Rush speeds up the fight. However, if you run out of ammo, use spare ammo or switch to machine gun attacks. Gun Taurus will explode in a few minutes.

What weapons can you craft with Gun Taurus parts?

Defeating Gun Taurus offers significant rewards. First the monster drops the SE weapon, Crimson Bull. Gun Taurus also drops a bull core and kill core. These two materials can craft and upgrade various weapons. Here are some examples.

Crimson Bull

  • Costs: 1,000g
  • Materials needed: 1 Taurus core, 2.70 t high-tech scrap
weapon stats
Type SE
Property flame
attack power 412
durability 40
magazine 5/5
weight 4.92 tons
area (1) 130m
area (2) Circle medium 3 times 1 shot
hit rate +33%
affinity +3%
Condition normal

Bull Gatling

  • Costs: 1,000g
  • Materials needed: 1 Taurus core, 2.70 t high-tech scrap

weapon stats
Type Machine gun, anti-aircraft
Property normal
attack power 235
durability 8th
weight 0.80t
area (1) 50m
area (2) Cone 1 shot
hit rate +28%
affinity +8%
Condition normal

Also, while Killing Cores cannot craft weapons, they are often a necessary part of various weapon upgrades.

After defeating a WANTED monster for the first time, you can fight it again after a long time. Unfortunately, defeating these monsters again will not reward the same bounty. Despite this, you will get necessary materials such as Killing Cores, which you can use to upgrade weapons to the highest capacity.

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