How to align yourself with star sensors in Fortnite

Online battle royale game Fortnite received a new collection of Oathbound quests once update patch v23.20 was applied. These Oathbound Quests were added to the game after the patch was applied. The makers of the game keep the game interesting for players by constantly adding new quests for them to complete. One of these brand new quests requires you to damage the star sensors in order to align them correctly. In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, you’ll already have a lot of work to do due to the rotating daily and weekly objectives, but you’ll also have story-aligned challenges to complete thanks to the Oathbound Quests. And if you’ve been paying attention, you might already be familiar with a challenging quest that requires you to align star sensors by dealing damage to them in the right order. Below is a guide on how to properly line up the star sensors in Fortnite. So let’s start:

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How to align yourself with star sensors in Fortnite

To complete this Oathbound quest, you must interact with the primary sensor in the center of the area and observe the sign that will appear on screen afterwards. After that, you need to perform an activity with one of the star sensors in the area with the identical icon.

How to align yourself with star sensors in Fortnite

Here’s how you can achieve what you need to do:

  • When you reach Hidden Henge, jump out of the battle bus and land there.
  • Proceed to the sensor that can be found in the middle of the area.
  • Bring them into the conversation to find out what kind of icon will appear.
  • Try to find the star tracker that has the corresponding symbol.
  • hit with the tool you use to harvest.
  • Back to the primary sensor, and try the process again.

How to align yourself with star sensors in Fortnite

you will be rewarded with 20,000 experience points for your efforts when you successfully aligned the fifth star tracker. In order to properly complete this Oathbound quest, all you have to do is keep an eye out for enemy players who may also end up in this location. If you are able to do this, the quest will be completed.

Location of Star Sensors in Fortnite

Hidden Henge is a location that is in an area very close to the geographic center of the island and it is possible that you will find Star Sensors there. Even though it doesn’t have a name on the map, you could find it in the middle of the Anvil Square and Faulty Splits points of interest in Fortnite. This location is marked by the (POIs) icon.

How to align yourself with star sensors in Fortnite

You might make your life a little easier by looking at the point marked on the map, which is further down this page. You can find the map further down on this page. As soon as you enter Hidden Henge, you should immediately start looting as much of the environment as possible to improve your chances of completing the challenge.


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