How the Reds and Cubs get to the Field of Dreams on game day

The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs will get VIP treatment on the Field of Dreams movie site en route to Dyersville for this year’s Major League Baseball game.

The teams will receive a police escort for their game on Thursday, August 11, which will be played at the purpose-built stadium near the Dyersville Diamond, which was the central part of the 1989 film.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our teams to come and play,” said Jeremiah Yolkut, Major League Baseball’s vice president of global events.

Getting the teams to the small town of Dubuque County and the stadium surrounded by farmland is no easy task. But MLB pulled it off without complaints last season when the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees played on the grounds.

The Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds play there "field of dreams" Movie page on August 11th.

As such, MLB will implement a similar plan with the help of local law enforcement and Dubuque Airport officials. The Cubs and Reds will fly to Dubuque on game day and take the bus to the park, which should take around 40 minutes. The police escort will help them navigate the traffic.

“I think that brings us back to our minor league bus days, when we were going eight hours, 10 hours a night, going from one city to another, like Omaha to Oklahoma,” Reds infielder Kyle said Farmer.

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