How The Crown defined the relationship between King Charles III. and Queen Elizabeth II

The crown may be a retelling of real events – but it is also a fiction.

Netflix’s hit royal drama sparked a wave of controversy when it released its fourth season in November 2020, drawing criticism from the likes of former UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

His portrayals of a range of events in the life of the royal family have drawn scrutiny from viewers, with particular skepticism directed at scenes depicting Prince Charles’s (Josh O’Connor) relationships with Diana (Emma Corrin) and Camilla Parker-Bowles ( Emerald Fennell) concerned ).

However, the series has also spent time exploring the relationship of the current King Charles III with his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

How exactly did The crown represent this relationship on the screen?

Several actors have portrayed Charles in The crown at different stages of his life. Billy Jenkins played a young Prince Charles in the first season and the first part of two before being replaced by Julian Baring, who played Charles throughout his teenage years.

Josh O’Connor will play the future king in seasons three and four. Dominic West will take on the role in the upcoming fifth season.

The crown depicts the Queen’s relationship with her eldest child as quite distant and distant, particularly during his childhood.

The second season typically focuses on Charles’ controversial relationship with his father, Prince Phillip. Mid-season he is enrolled at the prestigious Gordonstoun school but is struggling to adjust.

In season three, a university-age Charles is sent to Wales by the Queen to learn Welsh before his inauguration as Prince of Wales.

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II and Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles in The Crown

(Des Willie/Netflix)

After becoming close to Welsh tutor Tedi Millward, Charles expresses his support for Wales in his speech, which angers his mother. He requests to meet the Queen in hopes of a personal connection, but is told to shut down his personal feelings.

In season four, Charles spends most of his scenes with Diana and Camilla. However, the Queen is trying to intervene in her son’s failing marriage.

Towards the end of the season, Queen Elizabeth loses her temper and castigates the prince for his role in breaking down his relationship with Diana.

While many commentators have suggested that the royal family was indeed unhappy with Charles’s divorce, the scenes depicted in the series were entirely speculative.

The crown is now available to stream on Netflix.

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