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How players got the seeker’s strike reward for free

Fortnite players are no strangers to free cosmetics. Epic Games often releases them to players in exchange for minimal effort. Sometimes players are tasked with completing a few challenges, and other goals task them with watching a stream on Twitch. There were even times when players didn’t have to do anything to get a free reward.

As the FNCS Grand Finals drew to a close, duos from around the world competed for their chance to take home their region’s prize money. As always, this event featured drops for non-participating players.

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One such reward is the Seeker’s Strike loading screen, which is available for free. Here’s how to check if you can get it.

Free Fortnite loading screen: How to get Seeker’s Strike and other free cosmetics

The Seeker’s Strike loading screen is part of this season’s Twitch Drops. These drops include the loading screen mentioned above, the King and Champion spray, the peaceful emoji, and the Champion’s Honor back bling.

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There are two ways to unlock this loading screen. The first is to simply watch the FNCS Chapter 3 Season 3 Grand Finals, which will be broadcast on YouTube. This must be done for an hour to unlock the loading screen.

The second option is a little easier. Fortnite players simply need to visit a Creative Island for around 15 minutes to unlock it. The island code 3303-7480-5925 will contain the broadcast and is an alternate method of viewing the tournament.

This took less time than the social media stream, making it the most popular method of getting the Seeker’s Strike loading screen.

All cosmetic rewards (Image via Epic Games)
All cosmetic rewards (Image via Epic Games)

For anyone who missed or wasn’t able to watch the Fortnite stream, the cosmetic rewards will likely be available in the item shop at a later date.

Here’s what Epic Games had to say about the drops:

“We have four new cosmetic drops that you can earn by checking out FNCS this season! Tune in to https://watch.fortnite.com, Legends Landing, or any Drops-supported Twitch channel during FNCS competitions to earn this season’s Drops. To ensure you are eligible for Drops on Twitch, please link your Epic and Twitch accounts within 14 days of requesting your Drop reward for processing.”

Since the Fortnite Grand Finals ended, the rewards are no longer free. If someone watched the stream and didn’t receive the rewards, it can mean one of two things.

First, it could mean their accounts weren’t linked. In this case, players have 14 days to link their Epic and Twitch accounts to earn the drops.

The second possibility is that the players haven’t watched the streams long enough. This was mainly because it was unclear how long the inspection had to last.

It was given as an hour, but well-known leaker and data miner iFireMonkey emphasized that it could have been a different time due to problems with YouTube drops. If the account is linked and you still haven’t received the rewards, you probably didn’t qualify.

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